The average annual cost of car insurance in Massachusetts would lighten your purse by $1410. Getting cheap car insurance in Massachusetts should be as simple as getting a warm cup of clam chowder. Most of the car insurance companies in Massachusetts offer affordable car insurance. One of the easiest ways to get affordable car insurance quotes is by following the tried and tested method of comparing car insurance quotes of various car insurance companies.

We can assist you in obtaining the appropriate car insurance quotes that satisfy your purse and your Safety.

Cheap car insurance in Massachusetts

To find the cheapest car insurance in Massachusetts, we looked at the most popular car insurance companies that provide affordable car insurance quotes and discounts. Fortunately for Massachusetts, the largest car insurance companies can offer the most affordable car insurance quotes in terms of market share.

If you're looking for the lowest car insurance in Massachusetts, you might want to look into one of the following companies:

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock is unique in that you can save money on your insurance by merely signing a safety pledge. It's only a modest discount, but it might help you save money month after month. You commit to doing things you were probably going to do regardless of the pledge. Another intriguing deal it gives is a discount for ordering ahead of time.

Plymouth Rock also offers the typical auto insurance savings that you'd expect from a firm. Bundling and paid-in-full discounts should save Massachusetts drivers the most money.


Drivers who use Safety for all of their insurance needs save a considerable amount of money. According to the supplier, if you acquire condominium or renters insurance with Safety, you might save 6% on your auto insurance price. You might save 10% on your homeowner's insurance if you use them.

Being accident-free is the best way to save money. With Safety, you can save up to 24 percent on your rate if you go six years without an accident or incident. You may save 10% if you wait five years. You may also save 5% on your insurance by taking Control's Crash Prevention course.


Arabella Insurance entices customers to switch by offering a 20% discount on car and home insurance. If your age is above 65, you will be eligible for a 25% discount on premiums in exchange for their experience. Other notable reductions include 36% off for vehicles equipped with anti-theft equipment and 10% off for driving a hybrid or electric car.


GEICO frequently appears on lists of the cheapest vehicle insurance providers. Its modest charges can be further reduced by using one of more than a dozen discounts. GEICO is also one of the few insurance companies that will offer you an affiliation discount. Military, bundling coverage, and car-safety discounts are all available to assist you in finding the best auto insurance in Massachusetts.


Progressive makes shopping for affordable car insurance quotes in Massachusetts a breeze. The Name Your Price Tool allows you to start with a cost that you can afford and then see what types of coverage are available for that price range. It's a unique approach to auto insurance, but it's effective when you're on a tight budget and looking for low-cost coverage.

What are the penalties for driving without car insurance in Massachusetts?

Driving a car without proof of insurance or financial responsibility is illegal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Throughout the registration term, the driver must show proof of continuing insurance. In Massachusetts, driving without vehicle insurance carries a fine of $500 to $5,000 or a sentence of up to one year in prison.

What is considered full coverage car insurance in Massachusetts?

According to the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles, Massachusetts car insurance rules require all drivers to prove liability insurance when registering their vehicle. Owners of cars registered in their names in Massachusetts must be able to prove that they have insurance that fulfills the Commonwealth's minimal criteria for:

$20,000 for a single person's bodily harm or death, and $40,000 for any single accident

$8,000 for each person injured in a single accident.

In any one accident, $5,000 in property damage is allowed.

What are the penalties of car insurance in Massachusetts for DUI/DWI?

Drivers having a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher are deemed to be driving under the influence in Massachusetts. Driving under the influence of controlled narcotics such as marijuana, cocaine, or inhalants is also illegal in Massachusetts. A first offense DUI carries a fine of $500 to $5,000, up to two and a half years in prison, and a one-year license suspension. A second offense carries a fine of $600 to $10,000, 60 days to two and a half years in prison, and a two-year license suspension.

What are the penalties of car insurance in Massachusetts for using a cell phone?

Although the Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not have a blanket ban on cell phone use for all drivers, some local governments do. However, inexperienced drivers under the age of 18 are not permitted to use a cell phone in any way while driving (talking, texting, playing games, etc.). All drivers in Massachusetts are also prohibited from texting while driving.

What are the requirements of SR-22 insurance of car insurance in Massachusetts?

For drivers who have been convicted of driving without insurance in Massachusetts, SR-22 insurance paperwork is required. An SR-22 form, which serves as proof of financial responsibility, may be required to be filed with the DMV for three years. After your driving rights have been restored, you will need to file this document. For drivers who are obliged to keep and exhibit legal motor liability insurance, your insurer can online file SR-22 insurance documentation with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


The average annual car insurance in Massachusetts is $1410. Be warned that this rate will not be uniform. Every motorist or will be provided different car insurance quotes. Your premium will be affected by factors such as your ZIP code, age, credit score, driving record, and the provider you have.

The finest car insurance companies in Massachusetts technically do not exist. Some car insurance companies are known for their low car insurance quotes, while others are better suited to drivers seeking the most comprehensive coverage. When shopping for car insurance in Massachusetts, drivers should browse around to find a company that satisfies the majority of their requirements.

The state of Massachusetts is known as a no-fault state. This implies that drivers must have personal injury protection (PIP) insurance, which pays for injuries sustained in a car accident regardless of who caused it.

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