Best budget women smartwatches
Nowadays, smartwatches are a fashion trend, more advanced, and more expensive. They are becoming cooler than before by digital advancement. A good quality smartwatch can make your life easier in a lot of ways, from tracking your sleep to give commands to your smart gadgets. All this convenience can help you make your hands free from a smartphone.
As smartwatches are getting more powerful, longer battery life, a more glamorous touch screen, more functions, and features one thing that is not getting better for us is the price. Smartwatches are so useful but at the same time are very expensive. To find the best smartwatch on a good budget is quite difficult. Smartwatches are extremely helpful for women also they have so many features like physical condition, fitness tracking, and location map which make smartwatches their top priority. Following is the list of the top 5 best budget smartwatches for women with their specifications.

Best Budget smartwatches for women
Name of the watch Price of the watches Specifications
1.Apple watch series 6
$370 Color: space gray
Additional feature: Fitness tracker
Brand: Apple
Size: 40mm
Bluetooth: infrared
2.Timex Metropolitan R $179 Color: Black
Additional feature: touch screen
Brand: Timex
Brand Material: Silicon
Bluetooth: 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n
3. Fossil Gen 5
$405 Color: Rose Gold
Additional feature: Fitness tracker, GPS
Brand: Fossil
Size: 22 millimeters
connections: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS
4. Samsung Galaxy watch active 2
$249 Color: Silver
Additional feature: Fitness tracker, water resistant
Brand: Samsung Electronics
Connectivity: Bluetooth
Size: 40mm
5.Fitbit Versa 3
$228 Color: Black
Additional feature: Fitness tracker, voice assistant
Brand: Fitbit
Size: 1 count
connections: Bluetooth

Apple watch series 6
It is a new version of Apple watches in the series. It has so many advanced features that are not available in previous pieces. A GPS that helps you in attending calls and receiving text messages on your smartwatch. Advance fitness applications like measuring blood oxygen level, heart rate with a new app. This Apple series also has an ECG app that updates you about your heart rhythm. The functionality of this new version is 20 times faster than the previous one Best Smartwatches for Women in tracking all workouts and playing audiobooks. You can also download other health apps on this affordable budget.
• GPS tracking and retina display
• Water-resistant
• Variety in colors
• Battery life is not a major advantage
• Little bit heavy

Timex Metropolitan

This watch works perfectly with 24 hours tracking system. It has many workout application modes that function perfectly with the HR zone. This watch can accept all social media notifications on your phone. There is a beautiful pink ceramic ring which makes it more graceful. Compatible with iPhone 10 or upper models and Android 6.0 or upper. Waterproof watch which can bear high splashes of water to 30 meters but not recommended for swimming and bathing. Silicon straps are used in their structure to make it lightweight and front face glass is highly resistant to dust and any type of scratches. A best and affordable smartwatch when it comes to women styling.
• Affordable price
• The glass screen is long-lasting
• Lightweight designing for women
• Not recommended for swimming
• Battery life is not that good

Fossil Gen 5

This watch uses WearOS which allows you to take advantage of many google applications like google assistant, google maps, Gmail, and many more. Fossil Gen has a smart microphone that allows you to attend calls through your smartwatch. The payment method from the google pay app is also a very useful feature. This watch is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems. Its rose gold styling gives it a fully feminine look. If you are looking for an affordable and fashionable product then this Fossil Gen satisfies your need.

• Microphone
• Vast compatibility
• Payments through watch

• Affordable to some-extent
• Battery power

Samsung Galaxy watch active 2

It is the best device for an athlete woman. Which needs a proper fitness tracker and Samsung Galaxy satisfies that need. It can impress you with its perfect functioning of tracking running, footstep, and other workouts. You can download many other fitness tracking apps to track all the happenings inside your body. This Galaxy watch can track your sleep, stress level, and menstrual cycle. Its design is according to fashion trends. If you want a smartwatch which is best of social and personal life then Samsung Galaxy is a good choice for you.

• Versatile fitness Tracking
• Sleep monitoring
• Lots of designing

• For iOS applications are limited
• Little heavy structure

Fitbit Versa 3

If you are looking for a watch as a good companion for traveling then the Fitbit watch is up to challenge. This smartwatch is good for fitness and smartphone compatible features. Built-in GPS to track your sleep type, sleep time, and many other cardiovascular activities. Amazon and google assistant are available to make your life scheduled by remind your sleep time and awake alarms. Its advanced features can handle your home gadgets just by clicking on your wrist. Fitbit can give you a free 90-days trial for new users with all languages. Use your favorite apps on your wrist freely. A very affordable and advanced watch for technology lover customers.

• Use Fitness Tracker all day long
• Monitor your sleep

• There are many other features that Fitbit doesn’t have.
• Battery storage
• After a 90-days free trial, you have to pay for features.

Final thoughts

These are the best budget smartwatches that are equally useful for both genders but are specially designed for women. The upper list is not created by any sequence of price or quality.

There are many points that you should keep in mind whenever you go for buying a smartwatch. Compatibility is very important. Many smartwatches are work with any type of software but some are connectable with just iOS or just Android system. You should check your smartphone's compatibility. The style of your smartwatch is important because it should be comfortable for you. After all, you have to wear it every time. So, you have to decide why you need a smartwatch and select according to your budget and usage.

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