Its always mixed feelings when we approach year-end. We get busy to meet our end year budget for our company or close our books for the year. On the other hand, we try to squeeze in some time in between to pamper ourselves so that we can look good for the year end parties in December.

Isn't it true that our big plans to go for treatments and look good are always foiled by our hectic work schedule in Q4 every year? There is one way to ensure that you keep to your beauty schedule: Line up some crucial beauty appointments in advance so that you’ll stick with it.

Here are some crucial timelines you’d want to stick to, so that you stand out from the rest of the crowd during the year-end parties.


Thanks to the advancement of medical sciences, skin lifting technology has improved by leaps and bounds. Skin lifting treatments do not only refer to undergoing the knife to pull the excess skin backwards.

Powered by High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology, Ultherapy is a non-surgical skin lifting treatment that has lifted the face of over 1 million people worldwide. Because of its non-invasive treatment in nature, most people who are not inclined to undergoing surgery for non-essential medical treatment find this a very suitable alternative. In just one session, it jumpstarts the intense collagen regeneration and tissue repair of the skin. Ultherapy works on building a strong foundational layer of the skin to restore the structure and firmness of the skin.

Best outcome is usually seen about 10 to 12 weeks after the treatment as collagen regeneration requires some time. Over the period of 3 months, you will notice the skin becoming gradually lifted and contours sharper. Wrinkles and fine lines will also soften.

An alternative to Ultherapy is a HIFU treatment that works very similar ways to simulate collagen and lift the skin.


For people seeking more visible result, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift is an excellent choice. This popular skin lifting treatment is best done 6 weeks before Christmas as the results are most visible about 6 weeks after treatment.

Using dissolvable sutures lined with anchors or barbs, the doctor inserts the threads under the skin to lift and reposition sagging skin. At the same time, collagen stimulation occurs which helps to restore volume to the face.

In some clinics like Radium Medical Aesthetics, they also offer PDO Thread Lift to complement Silhouette Soft Thread Lift treatment.

See the transformation before your own eyes as you achieve a V-shaped face as the threads lift the skin to accentuate your beautiful facial features, making you look younger and fresh-faced.

To achieve a longer-lasting lift, TriPollar V-Lift is the perfect treatment to lift mildly sagging skin. TriPollar is the latest technology to painlessly deliver focused radiofrequency waves deep into the subcutaneous tissues for immediate contraction.


Your eyes are the first facial features people look at when you meet them for the first time. It is no surprise people spend a fair bit of time to make sure their eyes glow and look energetic all the time. Defy aging and put some life back into your eyes with AGNES Eye Lid Lift Treatment.

The latest Korean technology effectively lifts sagging eyelids by creating little wounds on the eyelid skin and deliver targeted radiofrequency waves to stimulate collagen remodeling. The downside of this treatment is that it may induce some redness and swelling immediately after the treatment for a few days. However, you will be rewarded with a pair of lifted, youthful eyes in a matter of days!


Almost there! Consider undergoing a gentle, yet effective laser treatment for skin brightening. Dual Yellow Laser is the ultimate treatment for pigmented skin, melasma, acne, and rosacea. It offers several wavelengths to treat a wide range of skin abnormalities. The best part of the treatment is that it does not break the skin surface so people with the most sensitive skin can also undergo this treatment.

Dual Yellow Laser reacts well with the hyperpigmentation by going deep into the dermis to remove all pigments without causing any damage to the surrounding skin.


Radium Red Carpet is most popular award-winning facial treatment helps you look your best before your parties. Your skin undergoes 5-step skin revival pampering treatment: Cleanse, infuse, lift, rejuvenate, and detoxify.

After this 90-minute luxurious treatment, you achieve a more visible V-shaped face with a translucent clear skin that is the envy of all women at the parties!

Author's Bio: 

Medical aesthetics is not about making yourself look better by fixing a wrinkle, a scar or a pimple. It is a journey to make you feel better about yourself, building your self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our name itself: Radium - Latin for “Ray”, embodies our spirit and philosophy: to always give you our best, and illuminate the way for you to pursue confidence & exude radiance, both inside and out.

At Radium Medical Aesthetics, we aim to help you achieve a healthy balance of the mind, body and spirit that promotes a better quality of life. We help to invigorate you to make that change, through in-house proprietary medical aesthetic solutions, specially tailored to suit your needs.

Medical aesthetic treatments we offer such as lasers, non-invasive skin-lifting, filler injections, botox, thread lifts and chemical peels are U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and/or Conformité Européene (CE) marked. We also offer medical facials and Radium – our proprietary skin care range, both specially designed to work synergistically with your treatments and give you the best possible outcome you wish to achieve.
Our experienced team of nurses and therapists is led by Medical Director Dr. Siew Tuck Wah. Dr. Siew has been practicing aesthetic medicine for more than ten years, making him currently one of the most sought-after doctors offering safe and effective medical aesthetic treatments.

Dr. Siew has a keen interest in non-invasive medical aesthetic procedures for facial contouring and rejuvenation. We understand that many of our clients are looking for maximum results with minimum downtime. Ensuring positive results with your safety in mind is our priority.

Pursue confidence – make it yours.