Below are some of the most compelling article marketing tips that are proven to work. Make use of them so you can finally get the kind of results you’re hoping for.

1. Always use creative, catchy titles. The battle between you and your competitors will start when your articles come up on the search page results. How can you make sure that your prospects will choose your articles? The best thing that you can do is to capture their attention by using powerful, intriguing, and catchy headlines. Make use of words that are proven to be reader-magnet. Some of them are the following; how to, 5 tips, secrets revealed, etc. It will also help if you promise great benefits on your headlines so you can entice more people to read your articles.

2. Show off your in-depth knowledge. One of your main goals in doing article marketing is to earn the trust and confidence of your target audience. After reading your articles, these people must be convinced that you’re the best person to do business with. This will only happen if you can prove to them that you’re the best in your niche and that you’re an expert. Make your articles speak volumes about your expertise by simply loading them with in-depth, useful information. Share some of your secrets and insider tips. Tell your readers the best way to remedy their problems and show them how certain things can be done. The more information you share, the more likely you’ll leave a lasting mark on the minds of your readers.

3. Do not talk about your products or business on your article body. People who are reading articles are looking forward to getting useful information and not sales pitches. So, even if you’re desperate in making sales, you must not advertise on your article body. This is just one of the big no-no’s in article marketing. What I suggest is that you work on pleasing your readers first by giving them exactly what they need. If they’re very happy with your articles, you can be assured that they’ll click through your resource box in a heartbeat.

4. Drive traffic to your squeeze page. Instead of sending interested parties directly to your website, I would recommend that you send them to your squeeze page instead. Through this, you’ll be able to get them to sign up to your list. You need to get their email addresses to easily build relationship with them. You’ll be able to boost the number of your sign ups by giving out freebies. Offer your prospects with ebooks that they can easily download or invite them to attend one of your webinars. Make it clear to these people that by accepting your freebies, they are allowing you to send them newsletters and follow-up emails. If you do this process right, you’ll definitely have better chances of converting more traffic to buying customers.

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