The University of Texas offers NSAD accredited programs and departments of art with its nine campuses across the state, including Austin, San Antonio and Arlington. Texas also has famous museums like the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Blue Star Contemporary Art Center McNay Art Museum and the San Antonio Museum of Art and the Austin Museum of Art.

The Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Texas at Austin, recently completed a new Center for Visual Arts. Two professors were named Guggenheim fellows for 2010. Noted graduate Marcia Gay Harden was the guest speaker of 2010 at the University of Texas at Austin, a school that clearly values the arts.

1. The arts as a component of any economic system

When viewed in terms of their contributions to all sectors of the economy, cultural arts account for $ 190.2 billion in total expenditures (12.3% of state total). The cultural arts also give rise to $ 98. 4 billion in Gross Domestic Product, $ 61. 7 billion in personal income and 1.918 million permanent jobs (15.7%).

2. The arts as traditionally measured (visual media, literary and performing arts)

The overall impact of the contribution of the arts as traditionally measured (visual, literary, media, and performing) includes $ 63.7 billion in total spending, $ 31.5 billion gross domestic product, $ 18.7 billion in personal income, and more than 600,000 permanent jobs.

As traditionally measured, the cultural arts are responsible for approximately 19.8% of all tourists in the state.


The segment of the nonprofit arts offers a net profit of Texas, $ 19.0 million in total spending, $ 9. $ 5 million in GDP, $ 5.9 billion in personal income, and more than 200,000 permanent jobs.

The area is now home to many people who enjoy the lifestyle of Dallas, enjoying the art of the area. The neighborhood is also home to some of the most exclusive shopping destinations and original in the big city, arguing that many tourists each year. There have been many famous artists, traveling through and living in Deep Ellum, with a reputation for hosting some of the great fame in the history of music, giving birth to some of the largest in the industry today as well.

Although not a historic residential neighborhood, the area has been formed from historical relevance in the storage market and industry to a place that many people live in, finding great comfort in the occupied zone. The area is known for its art and many members of the eclectic, which contribute to the culture and characteristics of the neighborhood, which seems to overshadow many other neighborhoods in Dallas. There are many reasons to live in Dallas, with art and entertainment as an ideal destination for those seeking artistic inspiration to put your head every night.

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