As we enter the new year many of us will try again to lose weight. Some people have become obsessed with the thought of fitting back into those size 6 dresses or wearing that skimpy little bikini come summer time. But at what cost?

I have seen countless news reports about those people willing to do whatever it takes to lose those extra pounds… but sometimes 'whatever it takes' can end up being your life. As we approach time to begin our resolutions with diligence and passion, I wanted to remind people of few warnings where dieting is concerned. I am not saying that diets are bad; in fact they are a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle and teach your children how to be consistent in their own healthy habits.

It is really important to make sure you are following a healthy dieting plan and not one that will ultimately rob you of essential nutrients which makes you vulnerable to serious diseases.

Healthy Diet Overview: The Worst

Many people seem surprised when they find out how bad the 'Atkins Diet' really is to the human body. Several sites, regarding the health risk for this certain diet plan, have been quoted in saying: "In March, the American Heart Association (AHA) drafted an advisory paper recommending that people stay away from high protein and low carbohydrate diets like Atkins Diet, because they're not heart healthy.

According to the AHA, most people that remain on these diets (like Atkins Diet) for a long time will see their levels of bad cholesterol rise." This is very true! We need carbs in order for our bodies to process the food we eat and turn it into energy… without it we throw the body's ability to store and release nutrients out of balance. Another of the worst diet plans is the high protein diets. This mostly happens to
customers of McDonalds

According to doctors high protein diets are deadly to those with cancer and diabetes and it isn't much healthier for the average body. This diet has been linked to the damage of the kidney, liver, and can promote adrenal disorders.

This particular diet has been known to cause massive stress to the kidneys which opens the doors to severe health problems. The Macrobiotic diet is another that isn't healthy for our bodies, this especially goes for teens. This specific diet is based on: 50 to 60 percent whole grains and 20 to 30 percent vegetables, limited fish, fruits, nuts, and seeds. No red meat, poultry, dairy, or sugar of any kind is consumed. People that have under gone this type of diet became malnourished and have developed weak and brittle bones.

Healthy Diet Overview: The Best

The healthy diets are those that include healthy portions of all our food groups. Even certain types of fat are good for our bodies… the key is moderation.

By increasing our fruit and veggie intake we can boost our metabolism and promote a healthy working order for our bodies. This means the diet we choose should merely cut down on the fatty foods and concentrate on increasing well balanced and nutritious aspects of eating. Have a happy new year and may your resolutions be healthy ones!

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