In the fight between vegetarians and non-vegetarians, there are some people who are eggiterians and prefer to eat eggs. You will find eggs in almost all the homes as they are the most common food ingredient, so it is good that you try some good and healthy egg recipes. Doing this you can try a lot of variations in your meals and can provide a balanced eating plan for your family. Unless you have someone in your family who does not like eggs, but in most cases eggs are preferred by people of all ages. Eggs are also considered as the best and healthy breakfast food and there are many things you can cook using eggs.
Few easy ways of cooking eggs:
Eggs can be made with a lot of variations and people enjoy most of them. Typical ways of cooking people like are boiled, fried, poached, scrambled or omelet. People who want to lose their weight also can cook a lot of dishes by just using the white part of the eggs. Healthy egg recipes include fritta, devilled eggs, egg salad and many more. In addition to that eggs are also used as a blending agent in cakes and chocolate etc.
You can also mash the eggs with mayo and seasoned with some spices like pepper, salt, and some masalas then served within a sandwich with some other ingredients. There are also many quick egg recipes like egg salad, varieties of omelets. They are also great for kids and can also be given in their tiffin for school.
There are also a lot of main courses healthy egg recipes you can cook. You can check out egg curry recipe which is the most preferred egg dish by many people. Some other dishes like egg masala, egg kurma, egg bhurji are also very popular. Similar to veg and non-veg biryani you also have the options of egg biryani which tastes delicious. The gravy egg dishes can go well with roti and plain rice.
Also, do not forget the nutrition value of eggs. They are the rich sources of protein and a lot of people who want to gain weight and do gym eat them. It is also good for kids as eggs help in the overall growth of the kids. They are a rich source of vitamin b 12 and phosphorus which is necessary for bone growth. You can check the internet where you can find lots of quick and easy to cook egg recipes which you can prepare in just a few minutes.

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