Customer poses different myths regarding toll-free numbers. Out of which pricing is one of the main myths. Tollfree number technology sounds like, a very sophisticated communication technology that enables the caller to call you for free. They also perceived the idea that tollfree number needs huge infrastructure. So generally, they conclude that toll-free number is only free or beneficial for their callers or customers and it incurs a huge cost to the host of tollfree number. This is a total misconception about the tollfree number.

In the modern technology era, you can get your tollfree number by just one click. No hardware is required. Not a single wire is needed to use and setup Microtalk tollfree number. Microtalk not only provides a number. Microtalk tollfree number provides you a remote customer solution center at any location. Microtalk’s tollfree number is integrated with features like IVR, CRM, Call routing, reporting, and many things. So, you will get not only a tollfree number. Microtalk Tollfree number is beyond the normal tollfree number.

Lets discuss the features you can get from Microtalk’s Toll Free Number
Unlimited Users – Microtalk allows you to add unlimited user of your toll free number. You can use 20 to 1000 or many more users for your single toll free number.
Free credits – Microtalks provides free credits according to the customers payment history and credit capability
Welcome greetings – Microtalk provides welcome greetings IVR in its all plans.
Voice mail – Microtalk tollfree number also provide the feature of voice mail. Which ease your company’s operation and it helps you connect with your team.
Online Reports – Microtalk provide a user dashboard where all calls in tollfree can be analyzed. This report helps you to understand your customers trait and expectation.
Outbound Call – Microtalk toll free number provides you HD outbound calls from your toll-free number
Call Recording – With Microtalk Tollfree number you can record your calls of toll free and can train your executives about customer want and demand.
Time based routing – Enable your service to your customer for 24/7. Microtalk’s Intelligent call based routing feature routes the right call to the right customer. It enable you service operation smooth and simple.
In-call transfer – Microtalks tollfree number solution also provides in call transfer feature to satisfy your customer need.
Multi-level IVR – You can integrate multi level IVR with microtalk’s toll free number. It smoothen the customer service and save the cost of manpower.
Multi language message – Multi language messages can also be implement with Microtalk’s toll free survice
Custom music on hold – Every brand has a unique brand recognition identity. Like McDonalds Joker, Airtel’s tune etc. So with microtalk toll free number you can add your specific music which is a brand identifier.

Microtalk Plans for 1800 Toll Free Number.
Microtalk divides its offering into 5 plans.
The price of first four plans are starting from Rs 1499/- to Rs 8349/-. The above features are distributed among the first four plans. According to the price a user can avail the above features.
Microtalk Enterprise plan is for the customers who want to customized their product according to their need. This plan pricing is based on the customer requirement and usage.
Microtalk charged the cheapest tollfree number solution. Microtalk offers the best price as compared to the other cloud-based tollfree number service provider. After you are a start-up or indeed an already set up business, each cost things, each Rupee went through on obtaining a client goes out from your stash or company's fund. Microtalk understands that and thus got the cheapest toll-free number plan for your business in India. Every one ought to purchase a toll-free number for their trade, which can offer assistance to their trade to secure and accomplish the greatest ROI.
Advantages of a toll-free number
1. Brand Building — Toll-free number boosts your organization’s brand identity. An organization or business having a toll-free number instantly puts the organization’s in the image of a serious business.
2. Business Connectivity — Toll-free numbers help your business to stay always connected with your customers. An 1800 number is always easy to remember for a customer of a business organization. Your customer will be able to connect with your organization, no matter where your business is located.
3. Enhanced Customer Satisfaction — Toll-free number is loaded with features like IVR solution, Call Tracking, Call Transfer, On Hold Music, Call Conference, Call Forwarding, and many more. Average customer’s waiting time will be reduced with these automated features and customers will experience a more professional experience from your customer service.
4. Best Marketing tool — Toll-free technology has features like Live panel, Call report, Call Tracking, Time-Dependent routing, and many more. Those tools of toll-free numbers help a business organization to monitor its customer calls, generate insight reports of customer calls. That information helps the organization to understand customer needs.
5. Increase your customer calls — Your business toll-free number gains trust and credibility towards your company from your prospects. The free calling feature of the 1800 number increases the chances of prospects connecting with your business.

Author's Bio: 

Sayantan Das, Digital Marketing Executive, Microtalk Communications Pvt Ltd. Microtalk communication is a tier 1 ISP in India. Microtalk is also a DOT licensed approved telecom service provider in India that manages an average of 40 million calls in a month.