Cervical Spine Surgery in India is the best option which provides the relief from the pressure on the spinal cord and also the very affordable surgery that can be easily afforded by each individual who is dealing with the pain from cervical disc disease. Cervical Spine Surgery in India is useful when other treatments are failed to provide the relief from the pain.

The cervical disc is a disease which is caused by an abnormality in one or more discs or in the cushion pads which lie between the vertebrae and gets shrink which can cause wearing of the disc which can lead to herniation. When the disc is damaged due to arthritis it can lead to neck pain from inflammation. In most of the cases, pain and numbness can occur in the arms from pressure on the cervical nerve roots.

Cervical Spine Surgery in India is performed by Cervical Spine Surgeon who will remove the disc that is pinching the nerve or pressing on the spinal cord. This surgery is known as discectomy. In this surgery, the Cervical Spine Surgeon will remove it by making a small incision either in the front or back of the patient’s neck. This procedure is performed by experienced and highly skilled Cervical Spine Surgeon under general anesthesia. By using the same technique, microdiscectomy is also removed the disc through a smaller incision by using a microscope or other magnifying device.

Cervical Spine Surgery in India is recommended to those patients who have pain that extends from their neck to their shoulder, arms or back of scapula or breast, pain which can affect their daily activities. In such cases, the Cervical Spine Surgeon uses two techniques to provide the relief from pain which is (i) decompression and (ii) stabilization.

• Decompression is a surgery in which the tissues interrupt on a nerve structure is removed by the Cervical Spine Surgeon. This procedure can be performed from the front or back of the patient.

• Stabilization is a surgery which limits the movement between the vertebrae. This surgery is performed by the Cervical Spine Surgeon when there is any abnormal movement in the spinal column which can lead to nerve injury. This surgery is usually necessary after the discectomy.

The patient needs to stay in Cervical Spine Surgery Hospital India for about 7 days after the Cervical Spine Surgery in India for their speedy recovery. The Cervical Spine Surgeon will advise the patient to start walking after first or second days of the surgery. This can help the patient in reducing the blood clots. Full recovery of Cervical Spine Surgery in India will take around 5 weeks and the surgeon will not restrict the patient from walking or climbing the stairs during their recovery period.

The Cervical Spine Surgery Cost will mainly depend on the procedure is performed by the Cervical Spine Surgeon to protect the patient spine from damages, however, the surgery cost is very reasonable in India if it is compared with Western countries like the US and the UK.

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