The perfect drill is something that works well on different tasks of varying degrees. These drills are equipped with several features letting users reap the best in quality as well as precision. Best power tools would help you do all tasks ranging from simple DIY home tasks to commercial heavy duty works.
Being lightweight, compact and one of the strongest tools in the industry, the Bosch PS31-2A 12V drill is the perfect pick for the best all rounder drilling machine that can be used for several tasks. Also, the tool outperforms when looking on its long working battery life. With a full charge the machine can drill twice the hole of the power tools ranking downwards for heavy duty and works with about 50% more screws.
Unlike other tools from competitors, the tool can constantly drive screws inside the wood without putting on many efforts while passing through these dense knots. Even though the Bosch PS31 is considered as a little 12-volt tool mainly for around the home related works, it keeps going high on performance that matches with 18 volt drills. This amount of power is enough for occasional use and for huge projects as well.
The PS31 is also much lighter and smaller compared to other 12V drills in the range.
If you’re searching for the most reliable tool that outperforms in many tasks, you can have a look at certain factors meant for getting the ideal tool for DIY home use. To purchase the best available drill in the range it’s best to know about the four P’s that are listed below. These P’s basically mean:
P – Purpose
P – Price
P – Place
P – Power
On every aspect, the Bosch PS 31 brings in the best quality output compared to its competitors. The drill packs on a lot of performance in a little package.
When it comes to purpose, Bosch power tools can be used in many situations. The Bosch 12V is used for drilling holes in different areas. The tool doesn’t speed up during the job and works well like 18 volt tools.
The power drill is driven through a higher performance frameless motor that helps in shrinking head length even further from the tools of first generation. The Bosch PS31-2A delivers a working speed of 380 rpm in the low speed mode and while working in high speed mode it delivers 1275 rpm. Other than that, the tool can also handle extreme torque conditions as well.
Whether you’re working outdoors or indoors with different work environments, the performance of the Bosch PS31-2A will remain unaffected with high quality output that leads to task completion in no time. However, the outcomes might vary depending on other factors like screw length, used materials, etc.
Bosch PS31 comes under a reasonable price range for its 12V motor that smoothly drives the tool well in strenuous work conditions. Various other drill machines Bosch with 12V power output are available at higher pricing.
So, if you’re on the lookout for a compact and rechargeable tool that works wonders for several tasks such as driving and drilling, Bosch’s PS31-2A is the best available model in the market with a three-year company warranty.

Summary - The Bosch PS31-2A is equipped with all the bells and whistles to suit the requirements of DIY homeowners as well as industrialists. At first the device might seem pricey to many users but with its immense range of features it is surely a worthy long term investment.

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