Many people live in intense fear of going to the dentist, some to the extent that they put off going for years and end up with serious problems with their teeth -- and costly bills. Fortunately, a few easy tips can help you get over your dread of the dentist. Remember, most people benefit from visiting the dentist twice a year or so.

Go For Morning Appointments
If the idea of waiting around all day for a dental appointment in the afternoon is enough to drive you up the wall, try to select an appointment that's early as possible. If you go in the morning, then you simply won't have as much time to panic and worry about the upcoming intimidating event.

Search for the Perfect Dentist
If you're afraid of going to the dentist, then it could be because you've had negative experiences in the past. Conquer this dilemma by searching for a dentist who makes you feel comfortable and at ease. If you go to a dentist who has a grasp of your anxiety regarding appointments, then he or she can help you manage your stress and apprehension step-by-step. If you want to see if a dentist is indeed appropriate for you, call clinics to set up appointments for visits. If you like the vibe of the dentist, then you might have found the place for you. If you call one of the several Able Dental Group offices, then you'll be able to set up a meeting with the dentists like Dr. Bryan Murray in Medicine Hat, Alberta, who will help you get acquainted with an overall feel and setting.

Ask For Moral Support
Bringing a trusted family member or friend along to your dentists' appointment can go a long way in easing your mind. Not only can family members or friends serve as reliable moral support, but they can also be helpful distractions. When you have a pal or family member around, you'll spend less time biting your nails in anxiety while sitting around in the clinic's lobby.

Establish a "Stop" Signal
Before you begin your dental examination, communicate with the dentist and establish a "stop" signal with him or her. If you tell your dentist that you want to "wave" when you need a quick break, it can provide you with a convenient temporary "way out" when you're feeling nervous and overwhelmed. If your dentist is drilling in your mouth and you feel upset about it, all you have to do is wave for a timeout. Sometimes simply collecting your thoughts is all you need to be able to move forward and conquer whatever is eating away at you.

With a little preparation, getting over your fear of the dentist can be a reality.

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