Crete Island in Greece can be considered as the home to a large number of fascinating beaches. If you are visiting there to enjoy your vacation, you shouldn’t miss out these beaches.

Crete is the largest island that you can find in Greece. This island has a total coastline of over 1,000kms. Therefore, you will be able to discover around 500 different beaches in Crete Island. The Crete Island, which is located in between Libyan Sea and Aegean Sea has become a popular tourist attraction due to these beaches. You will fall in love with the wonderful beaches during the time you spend in here.

The beaches in Crete Island are accessible to you throughout the entire year. However, the experience offered by the beaches during the summer season is much different from the experience that you can get during the winter season. For example, strong winds blow during the summer season. As a result, you can find large waves in the Crete Island beaches. On the other hand, the beaches in Crete are much calmer during the winter season.

To make the life easy for you, we did a research on the best beaches that you can find in Crete Island. Here is a list of 5 of the most prominent beaches out of them. If you are struggling to select the best beach in Crete, you can simply follow this guide. Then you will be able to get the most out of time that you spend in Crete.

1. Vai beach in Lassithi

Vai beach in Lassithi is located in the Northern region of the Crete Island. This is one of the most fascinating beaches that you can find in the Island. The best thing about Vai beach is that it is surrounded by the biggest palm tree forest that you can find in European region. Hence, people who visit Vai beach will be able to get a unique and a one of a kind experience. This palm tree forest contains more than 5,000 palm trees. You will also be able to find crystal clear water and soft sand in this beach. The Vai beach filled with natural beauty makes it a great destination available for the guests to come along with their family members and enjoy. Back in the day, Vai beach was a camping site. People were provided with the opportunity to camp in this beach for free. However, camping is temporarily prohibited in Vai beach as of now.

2. Falassarna beach in Chania

Falassarna beach can be considered as one of the biggest sandy beaches in Crete Island. This beach is located in Chania, in the Western Side of Crete Island. You will be able to get to here from the Kissamos Town. All you have to do is to look for car hire in Chania and get to the Falassarna beach. This beach has become extremely popular among families, who come along with their kids. That’s mainly because you will be able to discover well-organized facilities in here. Hence, you will never come across any challenges while you are spending your time with the loved family members. The soft sand can provide a perfect environment for the kids to play around. The Falassarna beach is an ideal destination for windsurfing as well. Near the Falassarna beach, you will be able to discover one of the most prominent archeological sites of Greece. You can also witness it when you come to Falassarna beach.

3. Elafonissi beach in Chania

The Elafonissi beach, which is located in the South Western region of Crete is another perfect example for a fascinating beach that you can discover in the island. The exotic crystal waters have contributed a lot towards the unique experience that his beach offers for the guests. This is also identified as a heaven that you can find in earth. The soft pink and white colored sand has contributed a lot towards the above-mentioned fact. Along the beach, you will be able to find Cedar trees. Therefore, you will be able to keep yourself protected during the warm summer months. The tern Elafonissi refers to Island of the Deer. You will also notice that a part of Elafonissi beach is properly organized with umbrellas and sunbeds. Hence, you will be able to get a unique experience in this beach, without going through any frustration.

4. Balos beach in Chania

Balos beach is another wonderful beach that you can discover in Chania. It is also located in the North Western region of Crete Island. When you visit Balos beach, you will feel like you are spending your time in one of the Caribbean beaches. The experience offered to you by the beach is that much impressive. Soft white sand and exotic waters have contributed a lot towards the popularity of the beach. In addition, you will also be able to discover a massive island on this beach. There is a Venetian Castle on top of that island. You can also get there and experience the unique views. You will be able to visit Balos beach by boat or with the assistance of a car rental.

5. Preveli beach in Rethymno

Preveli beach is located in the Southern Region of Crete Island. If you are interested in experiencing the best of natural beauty, Preveli beach is a destination that you must visit. Near this beach, you will also be able to witness that a river is flowing into the sea. You can pass through the palm trees, which form the lake located in close proximity to the sea and enjoy the beauty of this river. A large number of water sports are also organized in Preveli beach for the people to take part and enjoy. You will also be able to swim in this beach and get a great experience.

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