Festive times are upon us so I picked the best 5 sad Movies with beautiful stories to watch this Christmas. There is no room for sadness during Christmas, you may think, but in my opinion, getting a little emotional is natural. My train of emotions is often powered by a little sadness. The following movies always make my holidays as they have such a touching, beautiful story I cannot have enough.

Patch Adams

This heartwarming and devastating movie is just the best if you are looking for a good cry. I couldn’t help but get all teary every ten minutes. Robin Williams was great in this role as well. The dramatic elements are often softened by a little humor to make it more digestible. It is partly based on a true story. It is interesting to see how a caring, dedicated person is willing to whatever it takes to help others. There are eye-opening matters as well. For instance, how we tend to hold on to the conventional ways, even if they do not work. Also, to see how much power laughter has.

Inside Out

A much lighter, but just as important movie I love. A superb Pixar (Disney) animation with beloved voices such as Bill Hader’s or Amy Phoeler’s. I recommend everyone to watch it, however, it is a must-see for teenagers. When would it be better to watch a movie like this than at Christmas? It is full of emotions, action and love. It is very interesting to see how we all struggle with our fear, anger, love and insecurities. I just loved all this animation movie could give me for Christmas.

It's a Wonderful Life

This old time classic ticks all the boxes. Love, uncertainty, suicidal thoughts and Christmas. It is a delightful story with so much to love about. George Bailey’s story is story is definitely worth watching to inspire you to achieve your goals. Also, it full of encouraging moments and the actors are just great in every scene. If you like Christmas classics, I think this is one of the best movies to watch this time of the year.

When Marnie was There

I came across this adorable animation movie on a list by AsianaCircus. It is beautiful, but very sad story of Marnie Anna. When she has to spend time countryside due to health reasons, she meets a mysterious blonde girl. They have a very moving chemistry, which helps you understand more about yourself too. It is a heart warming, magical and adventurous story is also one of the best sad anime movies with a happy ending.


This quaint French movie is just the perfect pick for so many occasions. I like to watch it during Christmas, because it has a magical vibe along with a great deal of teaching about compassion. It is just brightening to to see unlikely couples forming, how little coincidences have huge impacts. It is fun, yet sometimes very sad. The narrative is just otherwordly. I haven’t really seen any movies like Amelie, that is why I am sure it is going to create a special festive vibe in your home as well.

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