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Many people lose their hair due to various reasons, they all wish on getting their hair back. But it’s not so easy, there are many times when people lose hope and shatter their self confidence. While some of them try to go for a hair transplant surgery. There are various kinds of hair transplant surgeries that are being offered world-wide but FUE hair transplant is the most practices and preferred hair transplant surgeries amongst the patients also. As this not only helps them in getting a perfect hairline but is also completely natural without use of any kind of chemicals.


This is because a patient’s own hair follicles are used that is purely natural. This surgery allows people to flaunt their perfect hairline. While taking caring of hair is also extremely important on the same hand. There are many ways through which patient’s can maintain the density of their hair even after getting a transplant done.

There are so many people who lose hair at an early age, due to various reasons. There are also many people who lose their hair due to excessive hair loss. These kinds of people are always left in complex about not having the perfect hair or the perfect hairline which most of the people have. Due the existence of this problem many people decide to opt for hair transplant treatments out of which the most common one is FUE hair transplant. This hair transplant treatment is the most recognized and practiced not only in Pakistan but also worldwide. There have been many innovations and a lot of new techniques have been introduced but FUE hair transplant remains the most efficient and reliable hair transplants.

How Does It Work?

Many people are skeptical about getting their hair transplant done and think a million times before meeting the hair transplant surgeon. Once they meet the surgeon they feel quite relieved as the surgeon makes them aware of the procedure about things would get done. They would even tell them about how the whole procedure would take place.

It begins with a surgery where the person is given anesthesia. The procedure is performed on the scalp where there is some hair remaining and there’s just some part of the scalp which is going bald. The surgeon starts by removing hair follicles from the scalp and then those same hair follicles are inserted into the part of scalp where there is no hair.

The Appearance Of The Hairline:

As soon as hair follicles are inserted to the scalp, just after a few days the results start to appear and these results are very visible. This is because since the patient’s own hairs are inserted to the scalp they grow in the most natural way. There are no chemicals involved in this procedure which ensures its safety. After few day people start to see a natural hairline coming which is just like their natural hair because natural hair have been inserted to the scalp.

Tips On How To Maintain A Perfect Hairline:

After a hair transplant surgery people get themselves a perfect hairline but it may start to vanish if proper care is not taken. So here are a few tips on how to take care of it.

1) Have Regular Protein Treatments:

Everyone has a different hair texture but everyone’s hairs are made out of protein. So to maintain their density it is important to consumer protein also. So it is recommended to have eggs or tuna salad as they are rich in proteins. These proteins would help nourish your hair and make them shine also.

2) Stop Taking Stress:

Stress is as harmful as you can’t even imagine. Stress has always been known as the enemy of thick and also healthy hair. The way to get rid of stress is meditation and yoga. However everything works differently for everyone so you should do what makes you feel better.

3) Take Proper 8 Hours Of Beauty Sleep:

Some people find sleeping as wasting their time. Sleeping is very important as our body also needs rest. Our body also needs recharge, which includes the rebuilding of our muscles. Our body comes under fatigue due to lack of sleep which affects everything our skin, hair and muscles. Hence, it is very important to sleep properly as when a person is sleep deprived everything becomes harder. A person is only likely to sleep well, when they have not consumed any caffeine before sleeping or in the later afternoon.

4) Take Supplements And Follow A Healthy Hair Care Routine:

As we have heard that eating healthy is the solution to all kinds of problems. Hence, the intake of junk food has to be stopped in order to have healthy shiny hair. Only that food has to be consumed which provides high nutritional values. No food has to be taken which is high in calories and sugar as they do nothing except for delivering fats into the body and hence, such diet is not recommended. As soon as people start to age, they don’t have enough time. It is always recommended to have some kind of supplements which have proper nutrition for the hair.

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