Are you searching for a perfect idea about how to say thanks to your employees or coworkers for their services and contribution then you are at the right door. Don't wait for any special occasion; appreciate your employees throughout the year for their hard work and services. Below 11 points defines the most successful way to appreciate your employees to increase productivity and trust.

1. Find out a specific admirable task of your coworker or employee and praise that work so capture employee trust towards you and your organization.

2. Recognize your employees via some thank you award or employee recognition award for their hard work and contributions. And don't forget to say "Carry ON"

3. On regular basis organize some entertainment events according to interest and hobbies of your employees. This also helps to maintain a good relationship between co-workers / employees.

4. A proper and flexible schedule of holidays always makes your employees happy. Try to make a balance between peak work hours and days.

5. Most effective and valuable gift for your employees is money bonus. You can give some bonus to your employees for their work performance or any other reason or you can specify a quartly/yearly bonus for all of your employees if you can afford.

6. Invite your co-workers / employees for lunch or dinner is a great way to show appreciation to employees.

7. Plan for a fun holiday or party to fresh the mind of your co-workers. It will make them happy and will help to increase the relationship between co-workers.

8. Choose one day of the week to organize something informational or entertainment activity for your employees. In this event employee learn something new in an entertainment environment.

9. For a small to medium organization birthday celebration is a good way to appreciate an employee.

10. Bring some chocolate, cookies and cupcakes etc. for staff and coworkers on regular basis. It will generate a good friendly circle between your organization.

11. Lastly, Always help your employees if they want to participate in some committee, talent show or seminar. You can know about multi-talent of your employees using this method.

These are 11 points I think every organization should follow if they think about employee recognition. And always remember to recognize every person for their contribution never go for just a single. Fairness, clarity, and consistency are important in employee recognition for a same amount of work. You can appreciate a single person for a specific task. A public recognition is more important for an employee try to go for that.

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