Take a deep breath and a brief pause. As the breath begins to travel through you, consider supporting Artists that create with their heart and soul; that is what Suzanne Toro is doing and wants everybody to spread the love and support to your communities of artists.
Suzanne set up a special section on her website (http://suzannetoro.com/wordpress/artisans-supporting-each-other/ ) dedicated to the support of different artists that feed love, spirit and joy into their work. During this season and through out the year, she encourage you to think about the gifts you are giving and where they are coming from.
Check out these artisans and continue to check back often (http://suzannetoro.com/wordpress/artisans-supporting-each-other/ ) Suzanne is doing this in service to all of these Artists, and invite you to support the community and send your suggestions ( suzanne@omtoro.com ) You can help the environment, supporting local economics, and making it possible for these artists to sustain themselves.
About Suzanne Toro
Suzanne Toro is a creative global visionary and strategist who has a commitment to humanity and the environment with an emphasis on human spirit, global transformation, and assisting in healing the planet. Her life purpose melds writing, design, travel, teaching, and assisting in healing. Her focus currently revolves around embracing tradition and reaching beyond old paradigms. In recent years, Suzanne has reawakened her true-life purpose, which, in its simplest form, is to help others. She is committed to guiding people to heal, love and live from within. Simultaneously showing them how to connect to their spirit and celebrate and love life with pure joy.

Author's Bio: 

-Inner Wellness Guide, Advocate for Global Change and Visionary & Strategist.