Hi. I am writing and reaching out to all my tribe…the people that have touched my soul on so many levels. While, I am not sure I have everyone’s email I hope that it will reach all of you in some shape or form.

Since, I was a child I have been seeing this point and time. A time when the world would be going through a period that could appear to be the most devastating time of our lives. As we are asked to let go of old ideals and paradigms. It has become clear to me that we are being given a choice.

Last night as a I went into my astral dream world I connected on some level with Gandhi. He was the seed inspiration for my meditation this morning. I actually overslept and was reminded by Blue that I had a live meditation. As I was trying to digest all that I was shown in my dreams, I quickly let it leave my mindless chatter and got on the internet radio to do this meditation inspired by Gandhi’s Birthday and the many gifts he left for humanity.

It was in during this meditation, I understood what he showed me last night…that it is no longer about the journey about the many roads we can travel or waiting for tomorrow. It is about NOW. We have a choice to make we can hold on during very wild ride and “wait” for things to smooth out or we can come together in community and support each other in ways like we have never done before.

Gandhi historically asked US to Be the Change and showed the world how to stand up in non-violent opposition and last night he showed me…it is time to MAKE the Change. The only way we can do this is for all of us to own our gifts and deliver them to the world.

It will take each one of us to stop hiding behind the excuses, or being attached to the OLD way of making things happen and come together and support each other. There is enough to go around if we begin to support each other in community. Bring your talents together and see what happens…

I thank each one of you and bow to you and ask you from my heart to yours to step into your power for yourself first and then your community. We all have something to give and it is equally important.

I am attaching this link to the meditation I did this morning…please listen and share if your inspired as tears filled my eyes during this one…I made the choice once more to stand in a vibration with a community that is committed MAKE Change by sharing their gifts and their love with each other.

I love you all and thank you for reflecting your beauty to me.


And if nothing else…during this time…have fun….it is the most important gift you will ever give your soul….nothing should ever keep us from laughing together.

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Inner Wellness Expert, Advocate for Global Change and Visionary & Strategist.