Let's get this straight you want to party and lay on the beach soaking up the Mediterranean sunshine. That's easy as all you have to do is book a holiday villas Costa Blanca in Benidorm and all that you could wish for is there waiting for you. After you have book your holiday villas Costa Blanca all you need to do is pack your swimming costume and your dancing shoes and you will be ready for anything that comes along. 
If you are into a little history that directly effects you and your holiday villas Costa Blanca get a load of this. Back in 1953 the town of Benidorm was nothing more than a little Spanish village. The then mayor being foreword thinking got on his Vespa scooter and drove eight hours to Madrid to see the now defunct dictator General Franco. The purpose of his trip was to get Franco to lift the ban on bikinis, Franco was agreeable and the rest is history. Now you can see how this little piece of history effects your holiday villas Costa Blanca as Benidorm has as a result become the fastest growing resort in the world. 
For your holiday villas Costa Blanca in Benidorm translates into a city that is capable of housing some five million visitors a year and still growing. If you are one of those energetic types of people who enjoys thrashing around on the beach each day only to party all night long there is no better place than Benidorm to book your holiday villas Costa Blanca vacation. 
When you arrive at your holiday villas Costa Blanca in Benidorm don't worry about what you are going to do as it is all laid out in front of you. Most people never leave the resort after they arrive at their holiday villas Costa Blanca in Benidorm. Besides the parties that carry on all night long there are thousands of bars, cafe's, restaurants and souvenir shops. Think of something you might need and you will more than likely find it some place in Benidorm that is if you can get off the beach or out of the clubs to look for what you need  if it is in fact something that you really need during your holiday, you have to get your priorities in order. So what are you waiting for, get out there and book your holiday, all this is there waiting for you to show up. 

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I am an avid traveler throughout Spain, mostly in the holiday regions along the coast as well as the Islands of this lovely country. My pleasure is in finding those beautiful little Spanish villages and writing about them as well as the big holiday towns and areas. I have started writing for the website www.akilar.com recently about all of my travels and the places to go and things to do. This helps in the travel! Please enjoy reading all about Spain and the many things to do you would never think of and if your looking for a holiday as well then have a look at akilar.com as you can read more about my travels as well as booking a holiday villa from the Owners Direct. Thanks again for reading.