The kind of lifestyle we lead today has made stress increasingly predominant. The modern system of medication has partly served the need of assuaging and not completely healing the problems, this led the world back to an immensely popular ancient system of healing known as 'Ayurveda'. In some parts of the world people even considers it as “Science of life” that surfaced 5000 years back in India. Due to the fact Ayurvedic spas, Herbal treatments, Yoga and meditation classes have become enormously popular in Delhi.

A bountiful of Fitness Centre in Delhi with other Delhi spas see an increase in Spa Tourism in the country. Amatrra Spa, at Hotel Ashok, New Delhi, Chanakyapuri ensembles expert, trained hands ready to not just put your body at peace but revitalize the spirit in a way that you are ready to take on life with renewed vigour. This Spa inherits a vast knowledge of 'Astroveda' a combination of Astrology and Ayurveda with a blend of qualified and professional staff, Pure and Authentic Medicinal treatments, herbs and traditionally carried out therapies.

It understands Ayurveda as a means of “vibrant good health” that covers every aspect of wellness. With its Ayurvedic treatments and therapies it ensures complete health care, and concentrates on promoting immunity for the harmony of inner self and the world around us. What makes it the best spa in Delhi is the packages, which wraps within ancient treatments to suit the modern luxury lifestyle ensuring retention of longevity of peace and youthfulness. The treatments here are concentrated to boost the immunity system of the body to prepare it for the prevention of ailments and make it strong against diseases.

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, it also breathes and captures nourishment for the body therefore the treatment here at Amatrra like no other Spa therapy in Delhi intensify on its detoxification, improving blood circulation, and strengthening the 'third eye' known as pituitary gland through nervous system.At this Luxury Spa, medicated oils are prepared with herbs consisting spell bounding odour and color that are best carried through the skin in different treatments through the way of exotic massages.

It offers packages for 7, 14 and 21 days and I would suggest this treatment to everyone minimum once a year.

Spas are well deserved modern getaways in daily stressed life, ailments of inadequate sleep and excessive tension. Spas and Resorts have become popular destination. Until recently, the Spas around the globe were loaded with treatment rooms, redolent aromatic air, spaces well furnished with locale woods and traditional textiles. but Travelers today really want a sense of place that represents its culture and offer something guest would not get home. Modern day spa goers also have a much higher level of sophistication than they once had.

The growing number of Ayurvedic spa and spa tourism is India is evident to the fact and thus through its majestic treatments offers experiences that are tailored to personal needs and desire of health for individuals.

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Anju Arora is an avid writer, reader and an 'aesthete' . Based in Delhi, a digital media marketing enthusiast with prolong experience and understanding of marketing brands online i.e. Spa in Delhi .