Resistance training refers to that kind of training that uses resistance to the force of muscular contraction. It is a form of strength training in which each effort is performed against a specific opposing force generated by resistance and weight training is also a part of resistance training. After using these equipment each and every exercise becomes easier with an explosive force. There are three types of resistance training:-

1. Isotonic: It is the kind of training in which the force is applied to muscle does not change while the length of muscles increases or decreases.

2. Isometric: In this training the joint angle and muscle length does not change during contraction. Isometric training is done in completely static position rather than being dynamic.

3. Isokinetic: It is the form of training where the muscle contracts and shortens at constant rate of speed.

Speed resistance training equipment is considered as the best sports training accessory and it is designed to add extra resistance to an Athlete as he/she attempts to move through a range of motion. These accessories are very helpful for increasing jumping strength, speed training movements, quick leg recovery drills, lateral speed and balance. By using training equipment an athlete can easily increase stride length, frequency, power and acceleration by selecting the most suitable equipment. It is very beneficial in increasing muscle power through both speeds in starting and stopping function and used to develop the strength and size of skeletal muscle.

In market, there is a large collection of speed resistance training equipment that helps an athlete to gain experience and keep full control over his/her speed during game and practice situation and these are:-
(1) Dual Resistance Trainer: It is the most economical equipment where two players are required for training in which one provides resistance while other one runs.
(2) Evasion Belt: It is the perfect equipment that requires one on one marking up and mirroring and also useful for soccer, rugby, netball, basketball and other sports that require short space shielding.
(3) Speed Chute: It is ultimate speed training equipment that helps an Athlete to improving leg muscles which results in increasing performance during training and game competition.
(4) Resistance Trainer: In this training equipment, require two Athletes to perform speed training in which one is providing resistance while other one runs.
(5) Weighted Sledge: It is also one of the best speed training equipment that helps an Athlete to improve speed, change direction suddenly and perform sport-specific skills.

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