There was a time when creating displays for exhibitions was not only extremely time consuming, but also involved having to have huge vans and an army of strong helpers to move and erect stands. This not only made life extremely difficult, it typically also involved significant expenses. Today, portable displays remove the need for such efforts. These lightweight displays typically come complete with protective carriers, can either be folded or rolled into compact, easy to handle sizes and are quick and easy to set up.

This means that a single person can easily place them in the boot of a car, drive to the location and set up the stand almost single-handedly before other competitors have a chance to unload their bulky displays from their fleet of vehicles. This of course means that the stand will be ready for customers well before competitors. Portable displays come in an array of different designs. The most attractive, customer specific display panels, to ensure an overall extremely attractive, professional look accompanies them. They can be used individually or linked together to form a host of different shapes, from large, continuous wall displays to corner or central island stands.

Businesses can use portable displays to create a walkway along which customers can find information about various products or services while they queue to see a staff member, or they can create a whole area dotted with individual, double-sided displays for visitors to meander through. Some of the so-called twisted portable displays can be linked together to create original, attractive shapes that will draw and fascinate visitors or simply to create a circular stand in the centre of an exhibition area. Corner areas, once the dread of any exhibitor, are no longer a problem with portable displays and can be easily transformed into the most attractive stands other companies would die for.

This type of display is particularly effective if double-sided portable displays are used, which will serve to attract visitors from every angle. The typical overall height of these displays will also ensure that even visitors at a distance will see them and come over to get a closer look.

What's more, the portable displays can be easily removed, and stored, ready for the next exhibition. Display panels are easily interchangeable and no matter how often the portable displays are used, they can be configured, and re-configured to provide a fresh, new look for each exhibition without incurring additional expenses.

The benefits of portable displays are easily summed up in a few simple words. They are easy to transport, set up, remove and store; they are reusable and they are incredibly attractive. This makes them the most cost-effective, labour-saving solution to all exhibition needs, while at the same time increasing sales as a result of attracting more visitors and providing an appearance of a business being reliable and professional, which will lead to more visitors being converted into customers willing to deal with the company.

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