A fresh cup of coffee is the best thing to start a day with. Coffee is one of the mostly used drinks around the world as it boosts the energy with its caffeine. Though too much caffeine is not suitable for health, coffee lovers can hardly spend their days without drinking coffee. But making the perfect cup of coffee also needs the excellent coffee grinder. Coffee beans are grounded before using them to make coffee. Though there are lots of coffee grinders available in the market. But coffee experts believe that the coffee gets the best taste if the coffee beans are ground with the best manual grinder guide.

Manual grinders take some time and effort to get the perfect coffee mix, but it is just the best thing for people who want the best from their coffee. Here are some of the benefits of using a manual grinder rather than electric grinders:

1. The first important thing about a manual coffee grinder is it saves energy. Moreover, Manual grinders don’t need electricity. Today the world is facing energy problem in most of the part, and people are trying their best to save energy to protect the climate of the world. For those who love to save energy, manual grinders are a perfect choice.

2. Electric coffee grinders mostly use blades to grind anything. For any other objects, they can work pretty well. But when it comes to coffee beans, blades cannot grind them uniformly and adequately. The uniformity is one of the main reasons why a good barista loves to grind his coffee bean with a manual coffee grinder.

3. In a manual coffee grinder, the person who is grinding has the full control of the grain size. He can make coarse grains or fine ones according to the coffee preference. But in electric grinders, there is no way to control what will be the size of the coffee grains.

4. Manual coffee grinders grind the coffee beans by grinding them between two abrasive surfaces. It doesn’t have any blade. As a result, the ground coffee becomes more uniform than any other grinders. The coffee beans are ground smoother than other grinders.

5. Many people around the world use basic manual grinders like a stone pot where the coffee is kept and a hammer with which the coffee beans are ground. This is because they believe that these grinders give more natural taste to the coffee and the coffee grains have more taste and aroma than others.

6. Experts think that the aroma and taste remain intact in manually ground coffee. Though it takes extra time to prepare, the result is fantastic. Freshly ground coffee is the best choice for making the perfect coffee.

7. Manual grinders are cheaper than electric grinders. But the result is better. This is why most people prefer manual grinders to grind the coffee beans. It is also affordable and can easily be carried in the backpack.

8. Making the perfect cup of coffee is just like an art. Most people don’t have enough time to grind the coffee by themselves, and that’s why they prefer electric coffee. But people, who are passionate about their coffee, take time to grind their coffee beans manually.

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