The purpose of every eCommerce website development in Dubai is the same: sell products. The availability of platforms for your eCommerce website is in abundance. But only a few have managed to grab the top spots in our list. It’s no surprise if you have heard about these platforms before. You have heard about these platforms because they are popular and they are popular because developers use these eCommerce platforms mostly.

Let’s discuss each of the platforms

Magento eCommerce Platform
Probably the most widely used platform for developing eCommerce websites in Magento. The Open Source feature of Magento makes it the most popular platform. Magento’s flexible working module, ease of use and security can’t be ignored as these make developers’ tasks easy.
Along with desktop, Magento apps allow its store integration across devices to make it accessible on tablets, mobile, and other devices.
Extensions offered by Magento allow the developers to make the store unique from the competitors without affecting the user-friendliness and user experience.
Magento users can run multiple storefronts with one backend system. This makes Magento a step ahead of its competitors in eCommerce platforms.
Magento was introduced as a blogging platform. Its core focus was only on the eCommerce market.

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Shopify eCommerce Platform
If you are a first-timer in the eCommerce business in UAE and want to have your store quickly set up, then have a Shopify website. Startups who are concerned about time, budget and resources can opt for Shopify.
The low cost of Shopify keeps it the favourite platform for eCommerce website design in Dubai for the startups
Even at a low cost, Shopify offers great storefronts that are visually appealing. When you are selling things, the look and appearance of your store matter.
Shopify takes care of the hosting and most of the coding part. Its easy usage lets the developers finish the tasks quickly giving a head start to the store owners. Its hosting features save space on your server.
Shopify offers hack protection and security upgrades to keep your store safe from hackers.
Various Add-ons are available to launch your marketing campaigns.
Shopify also has SEO plugins/add-ons to make the store SEO-friendly.
Customer Support is available 24/7. You can call them for the issue you are facing at the backend.

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OsCommerce eCommerce Platform
OsCommerce is short for Open-Source Commerce. Its name gives the idea that it is an Open Source eCommerce platform that is available for download from its official website.
OsCommerce uses MySQL and PHP. So, PHP developers can develop and manage your Oscommerce store.
It permits the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection.
Has a basic but robust structure that is safe and easy to manage at the backend.
Add-ons and plugins available to accomplish complex tasks
OsCommerce offers support to unlimited products and categories
Products to categories and categories to categories structure
All the features are accessible once installed

OpenCart eCommerce Platform
Whether you own a small shop or a large wholesale business, OpenCart is open for all. It is based on an open-source environment. The strong interface of OpenCart is user-friendly and marketing ready. OpenCart serves as an easy gateway for the customers to complete the shopping tasks with ease.
OpenCart offers around 1500 plugins using which you can customize your eCommerce store as per your business’ unique requirements.
OpenCart is on a Model-View-Controller script which is XHTML compliant.
A fresh user easily grabs the OpenCart dashboard functionality because of its easy use.
You might have to pay for some add-ons, but that’s a very minimal amount and affordable.
OpenCart is available free of charge. Most of the plugins are also available for free.

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PrestaShop eCommerce Platform
PrestaShop was introduced to the world in the year 2007. It has been in the business for the past 14 years.
The first and foremost benefit of PrestaShop that would interest you is its free availability
The customization feature of PrestaShop allows the customization based on business niche
Free themes to choose as per your industry
PrestaShop is a lightweight eCommerce platform
Interactive user interface increase user-friendliness and user experience

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