Speed reading is a reading methodology which works to increase the rate at which a reader reads. This is however, done without having to reduce the retention or the comprehension. Every reader uses some sort of the technique which is used in speed reading as he incorporates them into reading any text. However speed reading can greatly enhance the speed at which any user or reader reads a text. There are a number of speed reading programs and includes seminars, books and software’s etc.

There are skeptics who wonder whether speed reading is effective or whether it has any benefits at all, if any. The answer greatly depends on which age group or stage of life a person is. The implications of learning how to speed read differ with age. Let us examine the different age groups at which speed reading can be effective and the benefits it has for that period of time.

Pre College or High school students are the main focus of any speed reading program and the major reason for that is because at that particular age a person can absorb multiple new ideas or learning experiences into the mind as the mind is still in the process of learning and absorbing new ideas.

One can easily grasp all what is being taught without having to have any difficulty or distress. The mind is very sharp at that age and tends to incorporate new things with ease and without any serious effort. Another major advantage for high school students learning speed reading is that they can take in far more information spending a less period of time.

College students can also take many benefits from speed reading. If by any chance a college student is unaware how to speed read then he must. The reason is simple it is probably the busiest and toughest period in his academic career and a student is required to read a large number of books and other contents. A college student is required to read, comprehend and after that comment on a large number of content and having to speed read can be very beneficial.

Many people consider speed reading to be not of any use after they have joined an organization or have started working. The need and importance of speed reading is still there as any job will require a person to read and comprehend a large number of content like office files and magazines etc. Speed reading can easily provide a person with more time to perform other tasks at the job.

For a person only looking to read for his/her personal pleasure, speed reading can provide a number of benefits. The most important, is that it can provide you with the time to read even more material and content that you desired and wanted but couldn’t because of time restraints. Speed reading is also a great weapon for ESL students, those who have taken English as a second language.

Speed reading can not be confined to any age group or time of life and as long as you like to read or are required to read you can make use of speed reading

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