Sea salt was once used by everyone. It lost its popularity about the time of the industrial revolution when big business manipulated the public into believing that their processed salt was better and healthier. See the article on my website about table salt, titled, Salt -Good or Bad.

Sea salt is becoming more popular again as people learn more and more about its health benefits. It is a natural salt from the sea, and it does not go through any processes that alter or remove any of its natural nutritional makeup. This natural salt is healthier and contains many essential trace minerals and nutrients to help keep your body healthy.

Sea salt is acquired by evaporating sea water but the resulting salt is rich in natural minerals and nutrients which are processed out of table salt during its refining process. The natural ratio of minerals and nutrients in sea salt helps keep our bodies healthy. Pure sea salt contains many essentials for good health, such as iodine, zinc, iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium.

Trying to eliminate all salt from your diet is a mistake. The numerous minerals in sea salt are essential to good health. The human body could not survive without salt. Pure sea salt contains roughly 80 essential elements and minerals in their proper proportions for maintaining a healthy life. This proper balance enhances the functioning of the brain and influences blood pressure, muscle tension and hart rate etcetera. Sea salt assists our kidneys in removing excess acidity and helps to regulate blood sugar levels - which is good news for diabetics.

Some additional benefits of sea salt are that it helps prevent dehydration and because of the high amount of iodine, it enables the thyroid gland to manufacture essential hormones for the normal growth, proper performance and development of our bodies.

Here are Some Great Benefits to Adding Sea Salt to Your Diet

• Sea salt assists with weight loss by helping your body create fluids that digest food faster and in the reduction of buildup in the digestive tract.
• Sea salt aids in building and maintaining a strong and efficient immune system.
• Sea salt helps reduce the need for insulin by assisting in maintaining proper sugar levels - great news for diabetics.
• Sea salt has an alkalizing effect on your body which helps prevent high levels of acids thus eliminating the risk for serious or life-threatening diseases.
• Sea salt bathing can relieve dry and itchy skin and more serious problems like eczema and psoriasis.
• Sea salt is effective in treating some types of depression by preserving serotonin and melatonin which are essential hormones that help you to relax and deal with stress.
• Sea salt is effective in reducing inflammation in the respiratory tract thus reducing the amount of phlegm so you can breathe easier.
• Sea salt taken with water can help reduce high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure and regulate your heart beat to help prevent heart attacks and strokes.
• Sea salt consumption in moderation with plenty of water can prevent osteoporosis.

Sea salt is healthier than the iodized salt available in the supermarket. There are other benefits of sea salt but we will cover them in a future article when proper research can be conducted. The right kind of salt can be beneficial to your health if taken in moderation with plenty of water.

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