Resistance bands are underrated in today's elite fitness society. Perhaps it's because they cost less than fancy fitness equipment. Or perhaps because they come in a variety of colors they give the impression that they don't offer anything of lasting value to the serious exercise enthusiast. Seriously guys, it's about time you know the truth. Resistance bands may be cheap, but they have a ton of benefits -- serious health benefits. (...and just in case you didn't know, the colors are there for a reason: It's the band's way of telling you how easy or difficult the resistance or tension they provide is).

A resistance band is more than a portable piece of exercise equipment that you can bring with you wherever you go (although for busy people or jetsetters, this is a major factor in its appeal). Here's the lowdown on the health and exercise benefits of this amazingly simple snake-like piece of equipment:

* Resistance bands improve your coordination and balance because you need to use more muscle groups to stabilize your body.

* Resistance bands are better than weights if you want to target specific muscle groups, especially the smaller muscles in your body because they provide gentle resistance. They are also much safer than free weights.

* Because resistance is created in all directions, resistance bands strengthen neglected muscle groups. The various tension levels offered by exercise bands allow you to work with different degrees of difficulty gradually. Bands with higher tensions are recommended for less challenging exercises like bicep curls while those with lower tensions are recommended for more difficult routines like overhead shoulder presses.

* If you're looking for intensity in your strength-training workout, try using resistance bands with your push ups, squats or bent-over rows. You can also use them as you do your punches or kicks.

* Resistance bands can be used by people regardless of their current fitness level because of their versatility and ease-of-use.

* Resistance bands allow you to gradually progress to more difficult workouts as your fitness level improves.

* They sculpt the physique by lengthening, strengthening and toning both large and small muscle groups.

* They are easy-to-carry and are the perfect fitness gadget to bring along wherever you go.

Resistance bands are undoubtedly gentler than any other piece of exercise apparatus there is. This does not mean, however, that you can rush into doing your exercises with them. Always warm up before any resistance band exercise to prevent strain or injury. Make sure that you maintain regular breathing and proper technique and posture during your whole routine. Your core muscles should also be engaged all throughout your workout. While it's natural for muscles to get sore after the exercise, pain isn't normal and should be a sign for you to stop any resistance band regimen and consult your healthcare provider.

To get the most benefit from your resistance band workouts, always keep them in top condition. Store them away from direct sunlight and don't make the mistake of applying lotions or oils to the band since that could make them slippery and dangerous for you. Always check the band for tears or breaks before each use.

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