With lives that the modern day Humans live the natural order seems to be changing its course of direction. Various health problems tend to effect people who are leading a very unhealthy style of life. By unhealthy it doesn’t always mean people who are unclean ad don’t eat well. But the main problem for modern day human is lack of exercise. This is a concept which is taught to students from their very young ages for quite a sometime. However there seems to be little effect on the overall outcome.
The people will always want to spend a luxurious life eating their chips and watching a movie on their couch. But it will not only lead to physical health effects but will also lead to mental effects as well. Regular exercise is a term which is used by people to demonstrate the urge and necessity towards a healthy lifestyle. The term exercise will be misunderstood by many as doing something using their body. Hence people who do workout think they are healthy. It is true that they may be good in physical condition. But exercising is not only about physical conditioning and is a broad terms which included mental health and social health. The effects of Exercise can be categorized into three types: Physical benefits, mental benefits and social benefits. Further there are certain diseases and ill effects which you can control or prevent in your latter ages being healthy now in your young and middle ages.

Diseases You Never Knew Could Be Controlled and Prevented Through Exercise

Heart disease is one major problem that is faced by people today. Physical activities daily and cardio workouts can prevent the risk of Heart diseases and strokes. The cardio workouts will strengthen your heart muscles and reduce the risk. The workouts will also lower your blood pressure and raise the HDL levels (High Density lipoproteins which are good for body) and lower the LDL (Low density Lipoproteins which are bad for the body). Regular cardio workouts will also increase the blood flow and heart capacity, this will prevent the quick tiredness that one might feel when carrying out work and gives more stamina. High Blood pressure could be reduced since the Fats in the body could be reduced by regular exercise. Fats are the major culprit for elevated and high blood pressure. High blood pressure will lead to strokes and many other problems in your body.

Non-insulin Dependent diabetic or type 2 diabetic is a chronic disease by which the normal hormonal regulation of body glucose is affected. The insulin action of such a person is affected and insulin will have no effect or less effect on glucose metabolism in such a person. So to prevent reduce elevated blood glucose level in such a person special exercises is necessary to control the blood glucose.

Obesity is also major problem that people face. This simply can be termed as overweight. But there are certain criteria that one will face before being called overweight such as height, weight, age and gender. But none of these will matter if you are a healthy person with regular and efficient exercise system. Even for a person who is facing obesity the only manageable way to get back to normal is eating healthy and doing regular exercises. With obesity come many other associated diseases like high cholesterol, back pain, joint problems, high blood pressure and increased risk to heart failures. All these risks can be minimized with proper exercise.

Back pain is another non-life threatening disease but surely will mess up with your daily routines and normal life. This is normally seen with the middle aged to elderly people. But the root cause rests in the younger ages. With lack of exercises and not having fit back muscles it is given that the back bone will face major problems supporting your body weight. For younger people this is not much of a problem since the bones are quite strong and will support the body weight. But when one grows older the strength of the bones wear out while if not having strong muscles he/ she will face the risk of possible back pain. In addition regular exercises will also strengthen your bones. This is because the regular workouts will promote bone formations and strengthening them according to your body needs. This is mostly seen in younger to middle aged people so it is better if you plan your future before it is too late.

The emotional ill effects will also be prevented from exercise. These include anxiety, depression, nervousness, panicking and much more. This is because regular workouts will take the mind off the problems you face and relax your mind. In addition the increase blood flow will also provide much more blood flow to the brain and will have more blood supply. Researchers are certain and have hard evidence that exercising is a good cure for stress and is used in many stress management therapies.

Physical Benefits

By doing regular exercises you can build up or maintain an attractive body. You can get rid of the tummy which you hate to put out during summer. This will create a pleasant image on you and will let you have much more self-confidence. Regular exercise will increase your speed and let you handle certain heavy tasks which require physical conditioning. Many of the disease mentioned above are physical so preventing them is a real advantage for you.

Mental Benefits

For a person facing mental issues it is really good to take a walk or a jog around a scenic venue just to take the mind away from the problems that he/ she may face. The mental stability is a major requirement since the personality of a person is buildup upon the mental stability of them.

Social Benefits

It is proven that people who do workout or even take a walk have developed social skills way more than a person just staying indoors. This is given that there is a great possibility of them meeting new people while outdoors and developing good social skills by that.

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