In ancient times, words in various forms were carved into stones and drawn onto the soil in hopes to convey a message or a story from one man to another. A world we live in that never stops growing would need a place to store stories of many, many generations, so you and I could read from the past, and our future generations could read from us. That place, somewhere you’d never want to step into — the library.
As boring as books may sound (you probably are imagining how you look like with your book on the table and your head rested against it), it holds many secrets that only avid readers would realize. It comes in many shapes and sizes, from magazines to shelf-scented novels, newspaper articles to E-books. These reading materials have been made available to you through the author’s hard work for months and years, hoping to enlighten you with whatever they have in their minds that you don’t.

Just as some of you may already know, the authors that made those books possible spent a lot of time researching the topic, if not, it’s because they are already specialized in a certain field, hence they are able to pass down information to others. History, philosophy, and literature are just a few examples of the plethora of genres you would find in bookstores and libraries. Since the authors have so much experience in what they decided to put on paper, it would make sense for you to also gain that experience from delivering those words into your mind.

Some readers have read so much that they have developed the skill of speed reading, making them finish books as thick as dictionaries in just a day or two. For you and I average people, it would probably take us a lot more time, but bear in mind that time we spend reading would not go to waste, as every word we put in our minds would turn into useful knowledge to be used in the near future. It’s worth our time becoming a smarter person finishing a book than finishing a season of your Korean drama.

Those of you who are introverted would mostly understand how reading is able to calm your nerves down. Whenever you encounter a difficult day at school or work, try to grab a book and head to a nice, quiet place, like your study or balcony. As you immerse yourself into the sea of words, you would realize that you have been lifted away from all the stress and worries for just a moment. Even then, it’s a great way to keep your emotions in check, making sure you don’t go haywire when your teachers or bosses give you a hard time.
How about the words themselves? Does it stay in your mind or just vaporizes into thin air after you finish the book? Of course, it stays in you! When you concentrate on reading a book, you would gradually improve the language you read in, be it in English or Chinese, as you meet new words that are foreign to your mind, and sentence structures that you never would’ve used should you have left the book on your shelf. In fact, many experts in languages derive their vocabulary mainly from reading, as they know that established writers often spend a large chunk of their time selecting their words and perfecting the way they write.

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