The bad economy has forced many businesses to cut some of their marketing budgets. Promotional products have helped many companies maintain their marketing efforts without the high cost. Promotional products include merchandise items, corporate gifts, or any product that can be imprinted with your company logo such as promotional rulers. Potential or even current customers enjoy receiving promotional items. It is a pleasant way to advertise and familiarize your brand without being aggressive and turning people off. A practical item such as a promotional ruler can be something that that people will use many times. If you are someone that deals with sales and marketing then you are well aware of the importance of brand recognition and brand visibility.

Promotional products are very helpful in generating interest during trade shows and expos. If you have a booth a promo product is a fantastic way to generate a larger crowd and garner more interest. The benefit of handing out these products or gifts is that they can retain interest in your band. Rulers, pens, hats, etc, with your company logo and information will help keep your company’s name out there in the public for consumers to see. Promotional products have a long lasting effect and are not limited to the life of an ad in print media.

A trade show is not the only time when you can use promotional products. There are many occasions where you can give out gifts and promo items such as a company anniversary or special achievements or awards. It is no secret that everyone loves receiving free gifts. The launching of a new product can be a great opportunity to give out samples to people. Promotional products and gifts don’t only have to go to potential customers or clients but they can go to your employees as well. Offering gifts and different products in return for reaching certain sales goals is a great way to encourage a sales team to work harder.

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