I love the golf game since I played my first round of golf. I often watched golf games on TV before playing and I also found that playing golf is more interesting and exciting than watching golf on TV. There is a big difference between the playing and watching, which we have a different experience on the course rather than in front of TV. And playing golf also gives us a lot of benefits rather than watching them at home. There are many benefits to playing golf not the least of which is being outside breathing clean air and taking part in a physical activity for four hours on a beautiful day. While nobody is going to confuse playing golf with having the exercise value of playing basketball or running, it is a beneficial physical activity made even more beneficial when the player walks 18 holes instead of taking a cart.

I enjoy the game of golf so much that I would like to share with you my top five benefits of playing the sport of golf.

First of all, walking is an essential part of golf playing. Convenient traffic leave us walking less and less, and in fact walking is one of the most healthy exercise for people. When we play golf, there is plenty of walking associated with the game of golf. I like to play golf occasionally on the days that my multiple sclerosis is bad. I'm only able to do this, because I have a golf bag that I can use like a cane when I need to. Walking the golf course is a good way for me to trim down as well. And I also find that with the walking exercise on the course, I will sleep better.

Secondly, Playing golf allows me to keep my mind sharp since it is a game of angles. This means that I have to revert back to mathematical skills in order to sink my putt. With multiple sclerosis being a condition that affects the brain this allows me to stay mentally sharp, and one step ahead of my multiple sclerosis.

Next, golf can leave us a better social relationship, especially for the businessmen, many business cooperations are reached on the golf courses. Golf is a sport that allows for social interaction on the course, and off it as well. The club house is a good place to unwind after a good day of playing golf. There are a lot of people that hang out for awhile after they get done, and you are able to interact with these other golfers as well. This is one of the reasons that golf is considered to be the gentleman's game. Golfers from my experience are often times friendly and intellectual people. This allows for good conversations with fellow golfers.

Last but not least,playing golf should be the benefits of outdoor sports. Compare to other outdoor sports such as hiking, climbing, golf is an easier and less dangerous game. Geting enough sun and experiencing the outdoors can make us healthier. And playing in the sun can make people fight the Vitamin Ddeficiency.Physicologically, the beautiful scenery and sunny sky and fresh air also increase a positive mood state. This is true especially during winter months, a lot of states offer year-round golfing opportunities.

From what has been discussed above, playing golf can give us many benefits,it can make us more healthy, both physically and psycologically, and it also give us a better social relationship. It's not only the reason why I love to play golf games, but also the reason that I want more and more people to love the game and play the game.

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