Buying or renting a property in Thailand involves several factors. Thailand real estate offers opportunities to the investors despite the uncertainties. The Bank of Thailand enacted guidelines that require higher down payments for Thailand condos. Over the years, Thailand has served as a business and trade hub, and its property market can reap the benefits from its strategic placement on the map today. Therefore, this makes an excellent time to invest in Thailand real estate for sale.

Whether you are a foreigner or a local, there are a number of considerations to keep in mind before committing into Thailand real estate.

Foreign Ownership

In the present scenario, foreigners can avail Thailand real estate for sale or rent in their name. While the law is highly restrictive, foreigners can own up to 49% of the units in a condominium project. Apart from condos, they are not permitted to own freehold land.

Local banks and financial institutions have made overseas foreign currency loans available to the foreigners looking to buy a condo in Thailand. However, there are restrictions on factors such as the location of the property, income, age, as well as added costs incurred.

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You need to consider the following factors when investing in Thailand real estate:

• Property type
• Property price
• Property location
• Reason for purchase
• Workmanship and quality of the property
• Legal procedures involved in acquiring the property (different for foreigners and locals)

Buying/Renting a Condominium

Cities like Pattaya, Phuket, and Bangkok are booming with Thailand apartment developments. Foreigners who decide to purchase a property in Thailand look at buying condos. Benefits of owning a condominium in the country.

• Non-Thai nationals can buy condos in their own name
• The condo is registered with a title deed similar to a strata title
• In Thailand, condo owners can use the title deed as collateral
• Maintenance costs are relatively lower in Thailand
• Are more reasonable than houses with land
• Condos are easier to rent out because of their size
• Reselling condos is easier as compared to other properties

Many non-Thai nationals acquire real estate for rent or sale in Thailand for either work, residential purposes, as an investment, or to retire in Thailand. Thailand is an extremely robust and dynamic economic region.

Buying/Renting a Villa or House

Thai nationals are not limited to condos when it comes to buying real estate in Thailand. Hence, they enjoy greater benefits of living in Thailand. Benefits of buying or renting villa/house:

• Full control of the maintenance of the house (if purchased)
• Larger space for living
• Able to enjoy appreciation on the villa (if purchased)
• A greater level of privacy

Availing Thailand property for rent or sale is not as straightforward as buying condos or other kinds of real estate. Lawyers recommend the following legal structure to follow when buying a house in Thailand.

• Lease
• Superficies
• Usufruct

Buying/Renting a Piece of Land

There are several different ways to own land in Thailand for locals. The favored method is leasehold villa investment because it is simple and straightforward.
On the other hand, non-Thai nationals can obtain full interest on a lease for a registered period.

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