Milk kefir is a thick fermented milk beverage made from kefir grains which are composed of polysaccharides, yeast, bacteria and lactic acid. These grains are not cereals neither are they grown from plants. They are small, translucent jelly-like orbs white that resemble tiny pieces of cauliflower. So, what makes milk kefir a favorite health drink?

Benefits of Milk kefir

1. Milk kefir protects you against infections. The milk kefir protects your body against intestinal bugs that course diarrhea. This is big because, while a gut infection can be tiring for an adult, it can be dangerous for those who have weak immune systems like the elderly and children. Salmonella, Shigella and Escherichia coli among other bacterial infections can be prevented with a glass of milk kefir.

2. Milk kefir is predigested. When someone has an absorptive, leaky gut lining, proteins in the dairy will leak through causing an immune response against these proteins. On the other hand, milk kefir’s beneficial microbes (yeast and bacteria) break down the milk proteins and consume most of the milk sugars. The final product is a creamy, tart drink which is readily absorbed supporting your overall well-being.

3. Milk Kefir is highly nutritious. With 8 to 11 grams per cup, milk kefir is an excellent source of protein. The product offers 25% Vitamin D and 10% of the recommended daily value for vitamin A. Milk kefir also contains 30% of calcium based on a 2,000-calorie diet.

4. It can protect you from cancer. The cause of cancer is the mutating cells that grow uncontrollably, and the tumor is one example. Studies have now proven that the good bacteria present in milk kefir can impede the growth of tumors. Recent research too pointed out that the beverage is much effective in lowering the number of breast cancer cells. The probiotics present in the drink can slow down the enzymes responsible for converting specific compounds into carcinogens in the body.

Here is how you can make Milk Kefir at home:

•Put active kefir grains into up to 4 cups of fresh milk.
•Cover with a coffee filter or muslin tightened with a rubber band.
•Place in a moderately warm spot, to culture.
•Ferment it for 24 hours or less until milk changes the texture.
•Separate the kefir grains from the finished kefir.
•Store the finished kefir in the refrigerator.
•Place the kefir grains in a new batch of milk and repeat the process.

You can buy organic milk kefir grains online India and they are shipped to your address within 2 business days and get a instructions manual on how to make kefir grains at home.

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