When you are planning to redecorate the house, the one question that is often left unanswered is what to do with the floors. Should you get them carpeted and spend days in cleaning them or should you shell you extra bucks to get expensive hardwood flooring? However, there is one more option that will be low maintenance, aesthetic, and also budget friendly. You can tile your floors!

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With so many different patterns, styles, and options available, it is very easy to find the one that will suit you best. So here are some good reasons why you should consider tiling your floor.

They are highly durable

Tiles are a popular flooring option because they are incredibly long lasting. They can sustain years of wear and tear and still look as good as new. They are stain-proof and can be cleaned with a simple wipe of a floor. Tiles are perfect in rooms that get heavy traffic because they can handle that kind of foot fall. However, it is important to note that it is not very strong against s drop impact. Dropping a heavy object on the tile can cause cracks and make it look unsightly. Therefore, you need to use it with care if you want it last you for years.

They are very low maintenance

Thanks to its durable nature, the tiles do not require a lot of maintenance. They can be easily cleaned with a wet cloth, just like any other surface in your home. You can, however, apply sealant after every 5 years to reinstate its strength. Other than that, it does not require any other maintenance for years. Just simple cleaning will keep it in good shape.

Pocket friendly

Tiles are very budget friendly for the aesthetics it adds to your home. They are cheap, durable, and low maintenance that makes it a primary choice for many homeowners who are looking for longevity after their installation. Due to their low-maintenance nature, they are able to pay for themselves in no time and actually end up saving you tons of money. It hoes without saying that it depends on lot on quality of tile and the type you install. If you want to save more money, consider buying Tiles Online in India.

They are highly water resistant

Good quality ceramic tiles have an extra layer of protection on their surface that makes them resistant to water and stains. This is the reason tiles are used on bathroom floors as they are also impervious to humidity. So if you are living in a region that is too hot or vulnerable to moisture, then you should consider tiles on the floor as opposed to other flooring options.

They are planet friendly

Tiles are made from raw materials like glass, sand, and clay. These materials are then combined with other recycled materials to form tiles. They are not only good for your indoor environment but also for the planet. They also help to keep your house cool, thereby reducing your energy bills in the summer. Additionally, they keep you warm in winters by insulating the house.

Enhances Retail Value

When you install tiles in your home, you can fetch a better price when you put your property up for sale. There have been notable cases when adding tiles to your house floor has increased its resale value tremendously. An attractive tile floor is an appealing décor feature and has plenty of other benefits that makes seem like a lucrative deal to the potential buyer.

It improves indoor air quality

Tiles are manufactured in high temperatures. As a result, all the organic compounds are killed in the process. Some other flooring options such as carpets can seriously affect the indoor air quality if you do not get the carpets deep cleaned from time to time. However, tiles do not have any such risks. They are safe for indoor environment and outdoor environment in equal measures.

These are some very reasonable benefits of using tiles in your home when you plan to redecorate or upgrade the flooring. Be sure to buy from a reliable seller, be it online or from a retail store.

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