There has been conflicting opinions regarding glass office partitions. Some office managers feel they achieve a better efficiency by segregating their teams in order to avoid distractions and disturbances, while others believe that a lively, open and interactive atmosphere is better for productivity. Either way, glass wall partitions provide quite a few undeniable benefits to your office. Here is a list of some of the advantages you will get by installing office partitions.

Improved Productivity
In most cases, you can improve productivity in your workforce by installing glass partitions. When employees feel they are under constant oversight, they do their work in a more active manner. Not only do they discourage laziness, clear glass panels also promote employee accountability, both of which increases the level of productivity. Also, since the glass partitions are somewhat sound proof, they help to reduce the noise levels in the office space.

A great advantage in the financial aspect for installing glass office partitions is the amount of flexibility they provide. With traditional walls, changing the layout is a long and costly process. But with glass partitions, it doesn’t take much to move the partitions from place to place, which makes changing your office layout a breeze and pretty much free.

Easy Maintenance
Contrary to popular belief, glass office partitions are fairly easy to maintain and clean. Simply use a window cleaning solution to quickly wipe the panels. Although if they are treated glass panels, the use of a microfiber cloth is recommended.

By installing glass partitions in your office, you can greatly reduce the need for artificial lighting, especially during the day. Artificial lighting is expensive, by reducing your dependency on it, you reduce the amount of energy consumed and end up saving money. On top of the financial benefits, a lower power consumption is good for the environment.

Improved Lighting
One of the biggest problems in today’s workplaces is lack of natural light, which also leads to staff fatigue and reduced workspace energy. By allowing more adequate amount of natural light into your office, you will increase the morale and health of your employees. And one of the best ways to do that is by installing glass partitions into your office space, which will improve the amount of sunlight.

Many think that by installing glass partitions in an office will compromise privacy. But a simple fix to that is a frosted treatment to the glass. That way, it will still provide an open feel and allow natural light to fill the workspace without any compromise in privacy.

Aesthetic Value
In today’s competitive world, attracting new clients is becoming harder and harder to do. So it’s crucially important for a company to be more presentable and able to impress new clients. And you can’t argue with the fact that glass office partitions provide a beautiful, elegant corporate feel and look to the company. There are many treatment options available such as etching and frosting. Which can provide a distinct, modern appearance to complement any workspace.

For those with concerns about the safety of having glass partitions, fear not. You can order glass in different thickness and even have it temper treated for additional durability. With proper care and maintenance, glass partitions are able to last for a very long time and are not easily broken. Overall, with an increased number of options when it comes to design, glass office partitions are becoming even more popular.

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