A traditional towel rail can provide a practical way to finish off your bathroom design. They provide you with a fast, effective system to ensure dry towels are always available.

There are a number of benefits to installing a traditional towel rail:

- Rails are available in all kinds of shapes and sizes. This means you can choose an option to suit almost any size room (even a small downstairs toilet). You will also be able to decide whether you want a rail big enough to dry full-body towels or just hand towels.

- There are a variety of materials and finishes available when you choose your traditional towel rail. This can include stainless steel, chrome, brass and more. This allows you to pick the right type of traditional towel rail to suit your bathroom décor.

- There are also plenty of different designs available for towel rails. You can choose from contemporary wavy patterns through to the more traditional straight bar design. This provides you with the chance to choose a towel rail that is both functional and attractive.

- A traditional towel rail is a cost effective way to make sure you have warm, dry towels available in your bathroom. This will save you having to hang towels around the house to dry. You will also be able to use this rail to quickly dry small items of clothing if you want to.

- A traditional towel rail will not be able to heat large bathrooms alone. However they can help to provide additional warmth to the main heating element of the room (such as the radiator).

Types of Heated Towel Rail

There are two main types of heated towel rail available. The traditional towel rail is designed to connect directly into your main central heating system. This provides you with a cost effective design that will work alongside your radiators and boiler. You can also get electric heated towel rails. These are designed to work off your electrical system and can be operated independently from your heating. You can just switch electric towel rails on and off as you need them. Electric towel rails can be installed easily as they will not have to be plumbed in.

If you are not sure which towel rail would be suit your home then get some further advice. You can talk to specialist heating suppliers or plumbers to see which option would provide the most cost effective and practical choice for your needs.

Buying a Traditional Towel Rail

When you are buying a traditional towel rail make sure you shop around. Don’t forget to look online as there are many deals available on the Internet these days for heating supplies. You must measure the space you have available before you start shopping. You may already have a radiator in place and limited wall space remaining. In this case you can narrow down your search to just the smaller traditional towel rail options available.

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A traditional towel rail can combine functionality and aesthetics. This is a practical way to ensure you have warm, dry towels available when you use your bathroom.