Are you thinking about whether you should consider filing income tax or not? 

Or this is the first time you were going to file the Income Tax. So, before you decide to file an income tax return, you should be aware of the advantages of doing so.

As a business owner in Australia, filing an income tax return is critical. So, based on the income tax amount, the government alot the expense for individuals and enterprises. 

An income tax return provides the platform to ensure all the legal obligations and claim the tax return. 

As a taxpayer, you pay, which covers a large part of your income. There are several advantages to filing an income tax return compared to income.

Nation Growth

The tax amount is the direct source of income for the government; the amount collected is used to build the infrastructure, a Strong Defence system, better healthcare, high-quality education, and provides various services to ease the life of the public. 

Easily Loan Approval

When you apply for a loan that would be personal or commercial, the eligibility would depend on all sources of income. Filing and paying the income tax every year, ITR acts as necessary proof during the loan process. 

ITR is required by the National Australian Bank (NAB) and other financial institutions for any loan amount requested. Each institute asks for the ITR submission for the last three years with salary slips and bank statements. 

Address Proof

Another benefit of an Income tax return is that all the documents work as address proof—the various documents such as passport, visa application, license, etc. 

You were required to submit the address proof. Your standard ID card is not valid for such documents so ITR documents can be used. 

Visa Processing

ITR receipt is essential when applying for your visa, and developed countries like the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada ask for a receipt. 

The income tax tells about your real income earned and the taxes you paid during the financial year. The income tax return assists Visa officials in evaluating your income and ensuring that you will manage your expenses on the trip.

Take Over Losses

The losses will be carried forward to the next year of your income when you file the income tax return by the due date. 

If you face losses from your income and want to lower your tax liability, you should file a return. 

Easy Refund Guideline

After filing income tax returns, an individual or legal commodity may be eligible for a refund of the excess tax paid during the fiscal year. An 'Excess Input Credit' situation exists when a taxpayer's advance tax, self-assessment tax, or TDS is more significant than their total tax liability.

According to the most recent ATO guidelines, ITR filing should be completed by June 30th in order to receive prompt refunds and eligible credit.

In Conclusion     

Taking advantage of tax breaks benefits both the country and its citizens. To contribute to this gain, you must implement proper tax planning and file your return within specified timeframes. 

As previously said, failure to do so will result in a slew of financial consequences. To utilize the benefits of your investments, whether in mutual funds or insurance, you must first understand the tax structure.

As a responsible citizen, you should regard paying taxes as a sacred duty rather than a burden. It raises the standard of living for you and all citizens of your country.

Author's Bio: 

Peter Driscoll is an Australian 30+ years certified chartered accountant, entrepreneur, and multi-family housing investor. Mr. Driscoll is the founder and chairman of the parent holding company, Prestige Worldwide Financial Group. The Australian based, Prestige Worldwide Financial is a diversified privately-held international company with operating interests in: tax service, wealth planning, finance, real estate investments, insurance, and loans. His specialty is helping clients achieve their financial goals through one-on-one client wealth analysis and private coaching.