The professional freight invoice audit experts have logistic knowledge and custom-tailored solutions to audit the freight invoices which you receive from your carrier transporters.

There are number of errors included in the freight invoices which you receive from your carrier company. These errors draw your thousands of dollars with each shipping. Some common errors which most of the entrepreneurs don’t know and they come to know about this from their freight auditors.

  1. Duplicate billing
  2. duplicate payments
  3. Inappropriate classification of Shipping items
  4. improper evaluation of surcharges

A renowned company which can effectively provide you affordable and time-saving freight invoice audit service is Betachon. It is a reliable firm in US which reduces the freight bill amount with great negotiation skills. Hire skilled UPS auditor from Betachon.

Benefits of appointing freight invoice auditors:

  1. You will get your money back which you have spent on the carrier.
  2. All errors will be analyzed and corrected in your freight bills.
  3. You will get more clear and affordable freight bills.
  4. You could be able to apply more concentration on your success goals if you give the freight audit responsibility to UPS auditor. Thus, you will get peace of mind.
  5. The money which you saved from overspending will be beneficial for your future goals of your company.
  6. You can track your shipment with the help of innovative freight auditor assistance tools.

All in all, you will save umpteen amounts of time and money.

If you find that the carrier companies do lots of errors in the invoices, then you will become more aware and think rationally in the future.

Betachon is the trustworthy firm which offers services related to DHL UPS and FedEx. The advantages you will get when you choose Betachon as your freight invoice auditors:

  1. They don’t demand extra fee, upfront cost and set up cost.
  2. You will save thousands of dollars on your shipping fee.
  3. They use innovative tools and software to driven up results which save enormous amount of time.
  4. You will have to pay to Betachon, if you save your money.
  5. You will get your all shipping reports and audit analyzing report on your dashboard via online.

Thus, like other business or manufacturing companies, you are also required to hire best and professional freight invoice audit services from reliable company in US. Because you are already spending too much on your products, hence, don’t overspend on the shipping services. It is the time to be informed about the incorrect freight invoice and receive refunds with the assistance of freight auditors. 

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