There are many reasons to hire a professional illustrator in the UK for your book or other publication. A reader browsing a book and trying to decide whether or not to buy it will definitely be influenced by the visual component of the book, its illustrations.

In fact, the cover art is the first thing that catches the attention and sometimes determines whether the individual will indeed pick the book up to browse it.
There are two ways to include pictures in a book.

• Buy stock art or photos along with the copyright
• Hire a professional UK illustrator to create custom art for your project

There is often a misconception that only children's books are illustrated. But the truth is, any book or publication can benefit from visuals to complement the text. Some of the most prominent benefits of using an illustrator for your work are:

• Illustrators bring the book or story's characters to life, firing the imagination of the reader and letting them "see" the events unfold as they read the text. This helps build a connection between the reader and the author, encouraging the reader to seek out more of the author's work and recommend them. It also makes fans out of readers.
• UK Illustrators help represent certain images that cannot be achieved through photographs. For instance, if it is a science fiction book, much of the visual must be translated into pictures based on the text since they are obviously unreal and only exist in the imagination. If an alien is involved in the story, this can only come out of the illustrator's imagination, aided by the author's descriptions. Illustrations can turn the wildest imagination into visuals.
• Perhaps the best of the three reasons, illustrations certainly make a book more interesting. While plain text can be gripping enough, visual art makes it so much better. This is true especially of highly description scenes that can come to life with the artist's imagination as this will fuel the reader's imagination to fantasize further. It is much more fun to get drawn into a book with pictures.

It is important to hire a professional UK illustrator with experience in the publication industry especially if your book is for children. While many authors make do with generic clip art, it hardly adds value to a story. A professional artist can create original art customized to the text with his creativity.

Generic art or custom drawings

Depending on the type or genre of the book, some authors prefer to create only cover art without too many visuals inside the book. Educational books, especially science and math contain plenty of drawings to explain what the text means. Illustrators take the responsibility of interpreting the text in the way the author intended. The author can also depend on them to deliver their work on time and within the discussed budget.

Choosing a reliable and talented UK illustrator who cares about the client's reputation and understands their needs can make a big difference to a book's success and make it stand out among others on the store's shelf.

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Dylan Gibson is a popular Line Art, educational, and Freelance Illustrator UK, having years of experience in visual arts and designing. Dylan Gibson is one of the best Illustrator in UK.