Rowing machines are one of the most underused workout equipment in most gyms. In fact, many gyms don’t even have rowing machines. However, many people fail to see the immense benefits a rowing machine has not only on their health but also on their journey to achieving their body goals. Simply put, rowing machines are your body’s best friend mainly due to its ability to work on all parts of your body simultaneously. The following are some of the reasons why you need a regular rowing workout:

1. A Rowing Machine gives you a Full-Body Workout

Rowing machines are one of the few workout equipment that is proven to be fantastic for working on the whole body. To complete a full rowing stroke, your lower and upper body must be put to work. Depending on their current fitness levels, rowers can burn anywhere between 400-800 calories per hour on average. The muscles affected by a typical rowing stroke include the Quads, Hamstrings, Lats, Glutes,Core, Shoulders, back, triceps,biceps,and calves.

2. A Rowing Exercise Provides one of the most effective cardiovascular exercises

Aerobic or cardiovascular exercises are those activities that tend to raise your heart rate and keep it at that elevated rate for a long period of time. These include jogging, swimming, cycling, and rowing, all of which strengthen and stimulate the heart and lungs to improve the body’s utilization of oxygen. The ability of the rowing machine to engage all your muscle groups helps easily get the rower’s heart rate up and keep it elevated the whole time.

3. Ability to perform High Intensity Interval Training

HIIT is one of the fastest growing workout techniques that involves intervals of high intensity workouts designed to raise your heart rate and periods of short rests in between the workouts. HIIT is growing in popularity as a result of its effectiveness in burning fat and building muscle without spending too much time working out. A rowing machine is perfect for HIIT exercises. Since it works on the whole body, rowing gets your heart rate up faster. Also, since rowing machines come with adjustable resistance, you can switch between different levels of intensity to achieve the desired results.

4. Rowing is Non-Weight Bearing and Low Impact

Since it is performed in a sitting position, rowing is ideal for everyone due to its low-impact and non-weight bearing properties. This makes it great especially for people that have weak joints and people going through rehabilitation after injury or surgery. People who engage excessively in high-impact activities such as long runs or heavy lifts are at risk of damaging their joints. Mixing it up with low-impact activities like rowing helps enrich the training regimen.

5. One of the Best Machines to have at home

One of the most common excuses by people who don’t work out is that they never get the time. With a rowing machine at home, you always have the time for a quick full body workout. A rowing machine is a great investment that will not take too much of your space. Additionally, a rower is a great workout tool for every family member since it requires no special knowledge to operate.

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