There is simply nothing more important than self-care. In life, adversity and hardship are inevitable, and as we age, picking up a little wear and tear along the way is something we all must accept. Our ability to overcome these natural setbacks largely depends on our ability to care for ourselves - which, of course, can mean plenty of different things. Self-care can mean spending an hour in the gym every day, reading books, cooking, meditation - anything that brings us joy and relaxes tension in the body and mind, otherwise known as stress. Stress is something people of all ages deal with, but many don't realize how stress can manifest in the body, or make existing complications or ailments much worse. People have relied on massage for thousands of years as a way to both care for themselves and for the people they love.
Luckily those in need of massage therapy in 2020 won't need to wait thousands of more years to administer invigorating massages on themselves, thanks to the extensive offerings in handheld massager technology. Home use massagers are easy to use, affordable, versatile, and, most importantly, a critical investment for anyone looking to optimize their self-care on their own. If you're contemplating investing in a home use massager today, here are two benefits of handheld massagers you might not have thought about.

Perfect for Tension and Arthritis

While a confluence of factors is likely to blame, the end result is clear: Hundreds of millions of us worldwide are struggling with some affliction from arthritis. Defined as swelling or tenderness of our joints, arthritis is both a natural byproduct of ageing and born out of unhealthy habits. While a healthy routine of stretching, staying active, getting enough sleep, and maintaining a healthy diet can all work to mitigate arthritis, topical solutions and care can also make a big difference. Utilizing a handheld massager can allow you to target inflammation and irritation when and where it occurs and optimize the sort of therapy you are receiving. Sustained use of home use massagers can also provide relief for those only looking to relieve tension.

Freedom to Customize your Therapy

Nobody knows your body better than you. While working with therapists and specialists have their benefits, our hectic lives often play a significant role in making that sort of upkeep unsustainable. With a home use massager, you'll have the freedom to administer the care you deserve when you need it, and on your terms. The added flexibility of managing your therapy has considerable benefits, and many reports being relieved simply to have informalized the self-care of massage-based treatment. You decide when you need massage therapy, how often you need it, what extent to which it'll be delivered, and when to stop and start again. In a way, this makes handheld massagers a liberatory technology in self-care, releasing treatment capabilities into the hands of those who need it most.

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