A lazy bum only brings harm! Hop onto your extra-curricular ride in school today!
Living in the era of lightning-fast communication allows us to socialize even from our bedroom but how great would it be to touch, feel and act together with your friends in school? Aside from being an educational institution, your school is designed to build your character as well, future-proofing you for the ever-changing world through a series of out-of-classroom activities! However, not many are keen to stay back in school on stuffy afternoons as they could enjoy paradise at home, sipping on Coke and binging on Netflix. Extra-curricular activities, extra pain, extra lame! If you take a different look at it though, it might just not be as bad as you think!
There are as many choices as your Netflix shows!
Extra-curricular activities are tailored to cater to every single unique palate, including yours. From a wide range of activities in societies and sports, you’ll definitely be able to find one that suits your style! Drown yourself in choices as you explore the inner you that has yet to be unleashed. You may well have an artistic or musical side of you waiting to break open its shell! Mandarin tutor Johor Bahru
Time is not about the quantity but the quality.
Rather than spending your time on the phone at home or having a stare-down competition with your TV screen, why not spend your time with your classmates and teachers doing something all of you like in school? Just an hour of extra-curricular activities a week would mean earning a valuable 60 minutes under your belt! Plus, you get to feel good about yourself thinking about how productive your day went!
Bring out a better one!
Believe it or not, most of our greatest personalities don’t come from realizing it ourselves but people in our surroundings that help us do so! When you occupy your mind with activities in school, you force yourself to constantly reach outside your comfort zone and work with other individuals, leading a team and even expressing your own ideas while you’re at it. Through years of involvement in extra-curricular activities, you’d almost be guaranteed positive traits you once thought only the idols you admire could have. Mandarin Tutor in Penang
Build your network!
More often than not, the human brain registers face that we frequently see more effectively, as opposed to long hours of texting and emojis. Even if you think meeting people face-to-face isn’t in season anymore, everyone else doesn’t! If you got together with your friends and indulge in activities you all enjoy, it would create memories that all of you could hold onto for the many years to come. True friendship doesn’t come by with exchanging names and smiles, but the great time people can talk about at reunion parties!
Decorate yourself!
In this challenging and competitive era, it takes more than a stack of certificates to edge over your competition. Proven in many studies, employers are not looking forward to seeing a long list of achievements, but they are much more curious about the life skills you possess. Leadership, resilience, open-mindedness, selflessness, confidence are only a few of many traits employers are looking for that you could easily get from participating in extra-curricular activities! You’d develop these life skills along the way as you fulfill your responsibilities with the position you hold in your society!
Youth development has been the epitome of success for many countries and the first step to doing this is already in your school. It’s up to you to lead a monotonous life or one that is filled with exciting meetings and events you’d be craving for as soon as you make the initial move of signing for a club!


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