A digital dental x-ray is an imaging solution that uses digital sensors for diagnosing dental issues. Using this technology, dental health experts are able to have a broader and clearer view of your oral health. As a result, they are able to better perform clinical diagnosis. This post discusses all the prominent benefits of this most wonderful advancement in dental technology to let you know why it is really awesome!

Enhanced Safety of Patients

Digital x-rays are much safer for patients. It is because they expose patients to 70-80% fewer radiations than traditional x-rays.

It is great for patients requiring long-term clinical diagnosis. Even, it is safe to use for pregnant women or patients suffering from other ailments.

Less Invasive

Digital x-rays deliver an in-depth and clearer view of an issue. This technique can prove highly beneficial if the patients need a lesser invasive investigation to combat a dental ailment.

This is of great benefit to patients who are seeking immediate treatment.

Improved Quality of Images

The best way to maintain oral health is to prevent any disease or infection from becoming severe. With the use of digital x-rays, it is possible to get superior image quality that can magnify and reveal small decay.

Your dentist can begin the treatment early for decay before it becomes problematic. For patients, this is more relaxing and money-saving.

Digital Images are Highly Versatile

Images obtained through digital technology hold excellent versatility. You can print, email, store, and share these images with ease. You can even superimpose them with other pictures during the treatment phase to identify progress.

The digital dental x-ray lets you and your dental expert track your oral health for bone loss, root canals, tooth movement, fillings, and restorative dentistry. It contributes more to preventive and healing dentistry steps.

Great Accuracy

Using this technology ensures that you get accurate results in less time as compared to conventional x-ray technique.
With high precision results, dentists can deliver the correct treatment early. This makes sure that your chances of experiencing hazardous oral issues are reduced to a great extent.


Using digital technology for dental x-rays is a great way to save the environment. It is because such x-rays reduce the volume of toxic x-ray fixer that is otherwise obtained from traditional x-rays.

The conventional x-ray fixers contain chemicals like Boric Anhydride and Ammonium Thiocyanate, which can result in irritation of the respiratory tract, eyes, or skin. If ingested, then such chemicals are extremely hazardous.
Repetitive or prolonged exposure to toxic x-ray fixer can result in organ damage. Hence, digital x-rays are the great savior from such harmful measures.

Immediate Results

The speed and process of this technology are splendid. This means you get immediate results with higher accuracy.
Not only this, you can share the results with your patients. The efficacy of digital x-rays also reduces the duration of time spent on treatment planning. It is of great help when fast and quick treatment is required, especially in emergencies.

Project on Bigger Screen

Moreover, you can always enlarge the x-rays on a computer screen. This makes it much convenient for the dentist and you to see the most subtle images clearly.
If needed, you can also correct them without having further exposure to x-rays.

Copy or Print

Last but not least, you can always copy or print digital x-rays. You can share them electronically with your insurance care provider, to process claim faster.
These are the prominent benefits of digital x-ray for you and your family. So, next time you are in need of an oral x-ray, go only for the digital one.

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