Why incorporate? This is a question you might ask should you plan to start your own company. Incorporating your own company has its advantages, but it is still your own choice whether you will proceed with the incorporation or not.

The first advantage of incorporating a business is the reduction in taxes that you will have to pay. Normally, the tax rate for an incorporated company is much lower than that of the individual, and the corporation is being taxed separately from its owners. You have to bear in mind that your company must first earn a specific amount before you can enjoy the benefits of a lower tax rate.

An incorporated business also has a better access to capital. They can generally borrow money from banks and other financial institutions at a lower rate. This is due to the fact that loaning money to an incorporated company is less of a risk than loaning money to other types of businesses. An incorporated company also has the edge of being able to easily raise funds as opposed to other types of businesses which have to depend exclusively on their own money.

This incorporation process also gives benefits to a company's shareholders. The liability in a corporation is limited to itself only such that its shareholders do not have to be responsible for the company's debts. The investment that they made when the company was formed is protected and they cannot be sued by Creditors if the business should go bankrupt.

You might still ask, "Why should I incorporate?" An incorporated company has more stability than partnerships and sole proprietorship. Should the owners, directors and shareholders of an incorporated company die, the business will not cease to exist as it does with these other forms of businesses. The reason for this is because the ownership of a corporation is not dissolved upon the death of its owner, shareholder or director, but is transferred to their respective heirs. The ownership transfer of a corporation is also a very easy process.

If you find the process of incorporating your business very tedious, you can have the option of buying off ready-made companies. A number of providers which specialize in preparing ready made companies for sale are available to assist you. This will take the hassle out of having to incorporate a business as it is all done for you; you simply have to complete the ownership transfer process with the supplier.

A ready made company with history will prove to be beneficial to you. A much older company exudes more prestige. You can also save time and money because these companies are already registered. The cost of these ready made companies will vary depending on several factors.

All the details above will assist you as you ponder on the question, "Why incorporate?" Before making the final decision on whether to incorporate your company or not, you should take all matters seriously and weigh all the pros and cons. If you need some more information, typing " why incorporate " will bring up an abundance of information for you to read in order to make that life changing decision.

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