Meeting new people, going out on a date, having a meeting with your boss or your coworkers, can be a bit intimidating for anyone, but if every time you find yourself in one of these situations you feel fear, excessive sweating, you tremble your hands or even have nausea or upset stomach, you may have social anxiety disorder (SAD). Cannabis is a plant whose properties are increasingly being discovered thanks to components such as CBD, but how can it help me to treat my anxiety?


All is not lost: you can still date that person you like without fear of feeling like a fool. Firstly, because it is a common anxiety disorder and secondly, because the market offers you different alternatives to control it. One of them is the use of CBD, a substance present in cannabis, with which you will not get high, but you will relax so that everything flows better. So, do you want to try it?


What is CBD and what are its benefits?

Much has been said about the cannabis sativa plant, both for its psychoactive power and for its therapeutic function. That's because among the most prominent components are THC or tetrahydrocannabinol and CBD or cannabidiol.


THC is the substance best known for its psychoactive properties among the variety of products obtained from this plant. That is to say: THC is the one that has the power to drug or place you. For its part, CBD does not have these effects, which is why medicinal use is being studied in the treatment of different pathologies. 

More and more research shows that CBD is beneficial in the treatment of diseases such as cbd for arthritis

, depression, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, schizophrenia, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), cbd for diabetes, cbd for depression and also good cbd for pets and have good for many others. The beneficial and practical aspect of this great variety of properties tends to be that CBD is not a psychoactive cannabinoid.




Why is CBD good for anxiety?

When we talk cbd for anxiety then must taking into account that CBD has anxiolytic, calming and analgesic properties, this cannabinoid is considered as one of the substances that can be used in the treatment of anxiety disorders.


An important aspect of why cbd has advantages compared to the pharmacological alternatives currently available to treat SAD, is that this cannabinoid acts quickly and its side effects do not appear to be strong or widespread. Furthermore, it has been shown that repeated use of CBD medicinally also does not develop tolerance or dependence.


In this way, by having a treatment without psychotropic effects or that alters reality, and which in turn has high tolerability and safety profiles, it is very possible that CBD is the cannabinoid with the highest probability of reaching clinical use in management of anxiety. All this implies security and trust.


Properties of CBD against anxiety

CBD has as its main function the relief of anxiety, and for this it has many properties. But it is worth asking, can there be any phobia of society? Let's say one of the most similar things to this is a mental problem called social anxiety disorder, or SAD. It is common for people who suffer from it to feel a frequent and quite intense fear of trying or being judged by others, so they manifest constant discomfort and anguish in life. But you can find a solution in cbd.


Among the more than 60 cannabinoids present in this plant, THC is known to cause the most psychotropic effects, the one that sometimes makes you hallucinate or distort reality. However, it has been proven that CBD not only reduces the anxiety produced by THC, but also regulates its levels in the brain, serves as an analgesic and in inflammatory processes, with the advantage that it does not leave you high.



What do studies say about the treatment of social anxiety in CBD?

Relief of social anxiety is the main benefit that CBD provides to those who consume it. In case you still have doubts about the seriousness with which cannabidiol is considered beneficial, keep in mind that a huge number of studies have been done on the properties of CBD. Beyond associating it with marijuana, the idea is also to break the taboo that many still have against this plant and its benefits, and more specifically, with the differentiation of its different components.


Thus, in 2017, the University of São Paulo in Brazil published an investigation in which it was determined that in those patients who suffer from fear or discomfort in various social situations, CBD acted as an agent for reducing anxiety.

Also, in other clinical studies, it has been shown that CBD in moderate doses can modify blood flow over certain areas of the brain. This could cause an anxiolytic effect in people suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder.


How can CBD be consumed for anxiety?

Has it happened to you that anxiety does not literally let you breathe? Well, a little cbd can get you out of trouble. There are many ways to consume it, since various types of products such as vaporizers, cosmetics, capsules, groceries and oils are already on the market.


How is CBD oil for anxiety?

Have you ever wondered if CBD oil works for anxiety? The answer in this case is clear: yes. Indeed, you can start consuming CBD through its most famous product: CBD oil, because it comes mixed with another vegetable oil and it is enough to dissolve a couple of drops in an infusion or apply them under the tongue.


In fact, CBD oil is the most common method that people consume to treat their anxiety problem. This is because its effectiveness is almost immediate with just a few drops applied sublingually.


Can I vape or smoke CBD for anxiety?

On the other hand, if your vibe is more smoking, you can use a vaporizer with CBD oil, either to lower the intensity of the effects of the joint that left you disturbed or just to relax a little. This way you also avoid inhaling the smoke coming from the vegetal combustion.

Smoking or cbd vape also has very rapid anti-anxiety effects. If this is the way you feel comfortable, you can try, but always remember that this will lead to irreparable damage to your lungs in the long run.


How else can I consume CBD for anxiety?

CBD has any number of products that protect its versatility. That is why you can also apply a CBD cream or gel to your skin, as it is a less invasive way of using the product.

Another point in favor of these products is that you can consume them wherever you are without attracting attention, and in the case of capsules or other edibles, they already contain a standard dose of concentrated and quality cbd.


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