Goa, a city that has a lot to be admired about it, amazing beaches, interesting night life, and water sports to fill you with an air of ecstasy. Planning a trip to Goa this winter isn’t a bad option particularly when it comes to heading out for a Christmas vacation. Ideally known as a perfect place to visit around with family, there’s a lot to be admired about Goa even while visiting with family. And when it comes to getting around the state, there’s no better option than hiring a car and moving about wherever you like.

So here’s a round-up of what it’s like to be teeing in for car rental in Goa

Scintillating fleet of cars…

Car rental companies working in Goa offer around all sorts of cars you'll think of. Whether you need hatchbacks, sedans or SUVs and MUVs, you get them all with rentals in Goa. Voyaging with family implies getting around Goa as well. So in case your family members don’t have a skill of riding bicycles around everywhere, well, there’s always a car accessible on lease and the finest part about that is that the cars are accessible for self-driving as well. Self-driving rentals are the way to go about it in Goa.

Handy Packages…

When you opt for a car rental in Goa, the packages you get are pretty much adaptable according to your varied travel needs. Whether you’re on a long journey or a short journey, there is a sense of comfort with packages that car rental companies in Goa offer. So you can expect to have a comfortable driving time around the state.

A chance of privacy with family…

Self-drive rentals bring a part of private time along your voyages with your family. So think around it, you’re travelling together with your family and you've got a driver with you. It’s never simple to have a personal time along with your family, right? Well, that’s where self-drive rentals play their part. There’s an opportunity of travel that produces self-drive rental in Goa worth an attempt.

Additional bunch of services…

There are some car rentals functioning in Goa which offer a pack of additional services as well with every booking you make. Services like free roadside assistance and an assortment of pickup and drop services at a location of your preference are fairly available to you.

With rentals companies like Mychoize as well having as of late ventured in Goa, voyaging in Goa is presently bound to be way better and full of consolation. Still an unused player within the market, Mychoize could be a brand you'll anticipate to have a lot from. They provide their customers a top priority bearing in mind that they are new competitors within the market and have to be compete with local services as well.

So what are you pondering your mind over…book your self-drive car with any rental in Goa today and have a merry time driving around this beautiful state in the Indian Territory. Experience the riches of Goa and taste the unique yet gulping Portuguese blend of cuisines that the taste has to offer.       


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I am fond of roaming with Self Drive Cars on my own for exploring the India. Here I want to share my experience and some advice while travelling which can help everyone while travelling anywhere in India.