A boarding school is a school where students study and live in the school hostels for the entire school sessions along with their fellow students and possibly teachers and administrators. The word 'boarding' is used in the sense of "bed and board," i.e., lodging and meals. Some boarding schools also have day students that attend the institution by day times and return back to their families in the evenings.

Boarding school pupils are commonly known as ‘boarders’. These students are allowed to spend their holidays along with their family and friends in every session, but if there is some project work is going on in the schools, then they won’t allow going back. Some students are willing to go for military training in military boarding’s begins from their school days, this facility can available only at specialized military campus schools. These schools are offering a study curriculum at the school level which is well matched with the college level. Thus, the bradding schools pass out students have learnt more discipline, hard work and grabs more knowledge for their opted subjects at school level.

The boarding schools offer certain field such as mathematics, language, science, sports, etc. in which your child can get excels in their work and studies. Students in the boarding campus are sharing their each item and activity along with their fellow students. The meal is highly nutritious and well planned which is provided to the students. Social interaction between classmates also encourages each student to develop their cognitive skills and confidence.
Getting admitted and gaining studies from boarding schools not only enhances your child caliber and personality but also parents can get a lot of benefits.

If both the parents are working and hardly gets enough time to pay full or proper attention towards their kids in their better social or intellectual developments then, this would become the best platform for both parents and students. Time to time on week ends or on some special days, parents are free to meet their children or call them to home is also possible but taking a prior permission approval from the principal of the boarding school is must.
The educational excursion or on behalf of some other specific reasons, students are allowed to move out of the campus with complete reasons made application submission to the concern authorities or principal directly.

The major staff of school ranging from principal, administrators, maximum teaching staffs, wardens (male warden for male students like such and house keepers etc. all are residing in the boarding campus. Some councilors are also appointed here in the school premises for the permanent stays so that at any time if any student is finding home sick or something else then these professional will ready to help them at very possible time. Boarding schools are usually include study-bedrooms or halls, a dining room or cafeteria where pupils take meals at fixed times, and a library, hall or rooms where pupils can do their homework. Common rooms are also attached now days in the boarding schools for television and relaxation and kitchens for snacks, and, occasionally, storage facilities for bicycles or other sports equipment. Here all the students need to share each thing commonly. So a feeling of unity develops in them which show a very good sign of some body’s character. Thus taking a chance to join the boarding school won’t harm you.

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