Increasingly there are many study abroad programs emerging that now offer short programs over the summer to the students. An increasing number of universities do this to attract a diverse pool of pupils. Summer programs are full-time intensive classes in the chosen subject for one to eight weeks. These are enrichment programs that aid students who seek to expand their knowledge base. And helps them when they are looking to attain overseas education.
Although, students are aware of the existence of summer programs not many pursue the same. Upon truly understanding the benefits will they be motivated to attend summer college as part of the study abroad program:

• Personal growth
Like many things in life, the prominent reason for attending summer programs is the opportunity to enrich one’s personality. Attending a summer study abroad program provides an individual with self-confidence and the capability to rely on their instincts. It enables you to comprehend your true potential. Apart from promoting self-development, it inculcates the values of creativity and curiosity. The skills that you develop during an overseas education inspire you to consider new career options that were earlier alien to you. Furthermore, attending a summer program not only occupies your time but also keeps your mind alive by inspiring you with fresh ideas.

• Aid in university application
Attending summer programs will support your university application by showcasing your commitment in the said field. If you pursue a summer program in your future field of interest, it will highly impress the admission committee by highlighting your inclinations towards the field. In today’s world of cut-throat competition nearly all students have exceptional grades; one must go beyond the usual to truly stand out from the crowd. Thus, attending a summer study abroad program will enable you to make a prominent place in the pool of applications. Attending a summer program also enhances your CV. Apart from the documentation; you get a feel of what university life is like. You can enhance your already existing skillset through undertaking a course or explore a new field of interest. If you’re confused between which major to pursue, undertaking short term courses will clear your mind regarding any discrepancies. If there was any course you wished to pursue but was unavailable at your college, undertaking a summer study abroad course will enable you to broaden your horizons.

The greatest benefit of participating in a summer study abroad course is the chance to interact with individuals from contrasting backgrounds. This increase in interaction makes you socially aware and enables you to view your culture from an alternative perspective. The nature of these programs is usually compact in nature which makes the classroom sessions more interactive and intimate in nature. A short summer study abroad program presents a great opportunity to interact with the locals, which enables you to experience customs and cultures. Apart from that, it helps advance your language skills which will enable you to broaden your cultural horizons. Although most courses are taught in English, students often opt for programs in the local language to learn a new dialect while attaining an education abroad.

• Course specifications
The practical knowledge provided through the innovative and effective learning methods will be of great aid to the theoretical knowledge one gained. Apart from all the knowledge gained through a summer study abroad program, the opportunity one gets to enjoy in a foreign land is unparalleled. The high enrichment of soft skills gained through making ample presentations and communicating with a diverse set of individuals not only enhances your academic skills but also makes one culturally aware. The confidence one gains by finding their way through an education abroad surely makes them confident in their skills. Although a summer program will not provide the student with a complete university experience, you get a basic understanding of what college life is like. Depending on the selection of program outdoor activities are also promoted in the course.
Some of the most renowned colleges offer intensive summer study abroad programs which leads to social and personal growth.

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I had an excellent experience with Edwise who gave me an impeccable opportunity to study abroad.
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It was a good experience with Edwise. Great team! Keep up the good work.
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Edwise has been a guiding force in helping me choose the right university. I'm very happy with the choice of my university and course. Thanks to the team for the personal care and support throughout the journey.
Name: Namratha Rao
Country: USA
University: The Los Angeles Film School

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