Many people use antibacterial soap since they imagine that it will keep them, and their kids, shielded from bacterial infections and ailments. It might shock you that antibacterial soap isn't, in reality, all it is publicized to be. Truth be told, it is better and safer for you, your family and the environment to use all natural soap bars from best handmade soap company to keep your hands clean and bacteria free. Here is why you should buy the best natural bar soap from a good handmade soap company:

Why Use Organic Soap

It is best not to use any bar soaps, liquid soaps or foaming soaps that have added antibacterial agents. It might sound insane, but it is backed by facts and scientific research. For some, the antibacterial soap is too unpleasant on their skin, or their skin doesn't respond well to the chemicals that are found in the soap. This can cause rashes, irritation, and soreness.

Regardless of the possibility that you are not encountering these issues with an antibacterial soap, the chemicals and the soap itself can make your skin unbelievably dry after some time. This prompts the skin to crack, particularly in the winter months, which defeats the goal of reducing infections from bacteria. The best natural bar soap, from a good handmade soap company, are made without these chemicals. It's an awesome approach to nurture and cleans your skin without any nasty chemicals or unpleasant reactions.

Why You Should Stop Using Antibacterial Soap

In September of 2016, the FDA issued a ruling that companies will no longer be able to market soaps with added antibacterial agents such as Triclosan. They did this because there is no evidence that these soaps with added antibacterial ingredients are either safe for long-term daily use or more effective than plain soap and water in preventing illness and the spread of certain infections. Other chemicals which are used to create excessive lather can also irritate the skin and have not been deemed safe for daily use over an extended period of time, especially for children! There is currently no evidence that proves these chemical ingredients are safe. In fact, some manufacturers have already started removing their products which contain such chemicals from store shelves. Antibacterial soap is being questioned and all natural soap bars, like the Foaming Hand Soap by Glenn Avenue Soap Company is an excellent alternative to your family’s health.

The Benefits of All Natural Soap Bars:

#1 Many are Cruelty-Free

An awesome aspect of natural bar soaps and natural Foaming Hand Soap is that they are typically cruelty-free. This means that none of the ingredients were tested on animals before they are sold to people in general. Many ingredients are dermatologically tested on individuals' skin, checking to ensure that it is reasonable for those with sensitive skin. However, the best natural bar soaps are made from simple, natural ingredients such as olive, coconut and sunflower oils, that we know to be wholesome and healthy.

#2 Gentler on the Skin

The best natural bar soap will have a tendency to be substantially gentler on the skin, exceptionally perfect for the individuals who have sensitive skin. All things considered, antibacterial soap can dry the skin out, which can be a significant disadvantage for teenagers undergoing puberty. The best natural soap bar will help a pimple prone teenage skin to control the breakouts. Many individuals cherish that organic, natural soap bar serves to clean the skin gently, without stripping away your natural oils.

#3 Natural Antibacterial Qualities

The best natural bar soaps use essential oils that were selected for their strong natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Cinnamon, Clove, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Lemon, Tea Tree and Thyme essential oils are among the most widely used. The best soapmakers are able to blend these essential oils for their handmade bar soaps and natural foaming soap so that not only do they provide strong antibacterial properties, but they smell amazing as well! By using the power of simple, natural ingredients, you and your family can avoid the risk of exposure to synthetic or harmful chemicals found in commercial antibacterial soaps.

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