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A range of water main leak detection devices are available which can be integrated into the water network to detect if there is any kind of water leakage. These water leak detection devices commonly are of two types, permanent and temporary. A permanent leak detection device is efficient for a long-term strategy for detecting multiple leaks in a network with complexity and can provide a notification remotely. These are installed on buried pipelines and communicate daily a smart water platform. On another hand, temporary water leak detection devices are used by skilled leak detection technicians and help proactively identify background leakage in a supply network. An active leak detection project can help drive down water loss in Australian and New Zealand cities. Underground active leak detection can contribute to improved efficiency and of a water supply network, and can help with:

1) Helps with Water Loss Management:
A water leak on a buried reticulation main can go unnoticed for a long time period. This can contribute significantly to leakage over the longer-term. Ensuring you have the correct leak detection devices installed, or being used by your skilled team, is critical to ensure the reduction of non-revenue water (NRW) under a wider water loss management project. NRW is a cause of concern for various regions around the globe, as the water is captured, treated, and pumped around the network but is lost before any revenue can be obtained for its sale. The levels of NRW vary across the world with most Australian and New Zealand cities having levels of NRW of between 15-35%.

2) Easy Installation:
Installation of a permanently, or semi-permanently installed smart water leak detection device is very straight forward. These devices are installed throughout complex water distribution systems and collect data daily to determine the presence and location of leaks. These devices often attached to the pipeline through fire hydrants, valves, scour valves or other suitable access.

3) Getting Real-time Alerts and Notifications:
When we talk about the benefits of water main leak detection, then one of the best perks of installing such a technology is that it can provide you with real-time information on the current state of your assets. Being able to collect regular data, in near real-time is tremendously valuable for water operators and allows them to be more proactive in how they maintain their network. This ensures the water utility moves to being more proactive in the management of its assets, fixing leaks before they become more catastrophic, expensive, and disruptive bursts.

So, the above-given points are some of the major benefits that a water utility can achieve through the deployment or delivery of active leak detection processes. Understanding and Investing in such water loss management equipment becomes crucial when the water distribution system experiences high levels of non-revenue water or is reaching the end of its design life. There is a range of technologies that can help with water loss management and active leak detection. Therefore, if you have any such issue of water loss or need to reduce leakage in your network, Aqua Analytics is a great option – they understand acoustic technologies, how smart water networks are converging to develop overarching frameworks to assist with better water network management.

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