Nowadays, people are getting more particular about being fit and maintaining a good body physique. The increasing popularity of the workout and the fitness has helped the fitness industry to grow. There are number of gyming equipment available in the healthcare and fitness stores. One of the most used equipment is Weight Bench. It is a staple feature for every gym and fitness center. It is the foundation for weight training and allows you to train every angle of almost any muscle. Weight benches are well defined modern equipment which ensures your safety and reduces the risk of injury.

Weight benches play an important role in exercise routine of people and there are many benefits of using the equipment in the right way.
It provides the support needed to lift heavy weights. The benches do not break under the strain and therefore, gives the user more confidence to focus on muscle without stressing about losing balance or control.

A difficult movement can be easily practiced with the weight bench and it helps improve core stability and strengthen the lower back muscles.
Helps target different muscle groups that are hard to carve.
They can be used for versatile workout options from being used for exercise using dumbbell and bars to use as a platform for pushups. Moreover, the bench can also be used as a mat for abdominal exercise and for basic cardio exercises.

Additionally, the best workout benches help the beginner’s, weight trainers to maintain a proper posture, technique and breathing guidelines. Working with weight benches can provide a number of benefits. There are different types of weight benches available with various functions and features. Here is the list of some of the best workout benches that are a must have for every gym and fitness center.

Flat Bench
It is the basic type of weight bench.

Being a basic type, it is still very versatile and allows the user to perform various upper body exercises that require stable flat positions such as flat chest press with dumbbells. It is beneficial for weightlifting and is also used for cardio training like high jumps or step-ups. They have high weight capacity and comparatively cost less and occupy lesser space when compared with other weight benches.

Being a flat shaped it does not allow the user to perform incline or decline exercise. It limits the exercise activities.
Adjustable Workout Bench
It is the perfect weight bench type for complete dumbbell training.

Besides the flat level, it also avails the option of inclination and declination. And therefore, allows the user to perform various activities. They are adjustable and depending on the model you can choose from 5-6 levels plus flat. They allow various activities but still require less space for installation. Some of the best options in this category are:
Bowflex SelectTech 5.1 Adjustable Bench

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench
Body-Solid Powerline Flat/Incline/Decline Folding Bench
Rep Adjustable Bench – 1000 lb Capacity – Flat/Incline/Decline – FID
Marcy Adjustable Utility Bench – SB670

The adjustable feature of the bench sometimes creates a gap between the flat and the horizontal portion. These gaps are uncomfortable and can be unsafe as well.

Olympic Weight Bench
They are considered as the best weight bench option.

Most of the model comes with the adjustable board so it provides the best experience to perform flat, incline and decline activities. The bars are more compatible and the system is more stable than the previous options. They have a high weight capacity and allow the user to perform a number of activities.

They are comparatively very costly and have a large footprint.
These weight benches are fit for particular type of users. If you are a serious weight trainee, the Olympic bench is the best option for you. For average and an intermediate level trainee who workout with dumbbells, the adjustable bench will be the right choice for you and if you are not so serious about strength training or money and space is the issue, you can get a flat one.

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